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Jane the Virgin is back from its mid-season break! The first half of the season was really good, will the second half continue to be?

S2E9 "Chapter Thirty-One"

The episode begins with a flashback, this time to Jane in elementary school, which is really cute and funny. Jane has a dream in the present where Michael shows up at her door and they talk, but then she wakes up to Mateo's crying. Trying to get him back to sleep is something the whole family gets involved in, and it is really funny. The next day, Rogelio's mother shows up. She loves Rogelio, and also really likes Jane and Alba, but does not love Xo. Rogelio tells Jane that she thinks that something is up with his mother, so Jane talks to her, and she tells Jane that her husband is gay, and left her for another man. But, she makes Jane promise not to tell anyone. This could be a really interesting storyline. Meanwhile, Petra is trying to prove that her mother is the murderer, but it is not looking good for her. Despite the bad things that Petra has done, we somehow can still care for her, and I think that is because of the contrast between her and her mother, and Yael Grobglas is a great actress. Jane is a teacher's assistant for a class called "Great Books 105", but she discovers that this is the course that the athletes take and it is supposed to be easy. This is a perfect problem to set Jane up with.

Jane tries to get into basketball to relate with her students, and that is pretty funny. Xo discovers that Michael is in a relationship, and Jane tells her about Rogelio's mother's problem, but makes her promise not to tell anyone. Following this is a hilarious section where Jane's attempts to get Mateo to slip are narrated like a sports show. Petra goes to her mother, and tries to get her to admit what she did, but Petra's mother is not going to fall for Petra's trick. Jane has a new method to get Mateo to fall asleep, and Alba is not liking the coddling going on in this family. Also, Xo has told Alba about Rogelio's dad being gay, which is totally expected because Xo keeping a secret is not something that works out well. Jane teaching the class is getting better, because she is relating things that happen in books to games. The detective lady is helping Luisa remember things about her mother, and they get a lead. The Villanueva women tell Rogelio about his dad being gay after he shares his dad's bucket list, which is absolutely hilarious. Jane again tries to get Mateo to fall asleep, and it is just as hilarious as before. Also, Mateo's foot hits the "send friend request" button on Michael's new girlfriend's Facebook.

Alba convinces Jane that she is not being selfish letting Mateo just cry and fall asleep on his own. The star of the basketball team's paper in Jane's class is plagiarized, so Jane gives him an F. Petra considers taking an offer to go jail for eighteen months, which could turn into fourteen, despite her being innocent. This scene was really good. Rogelio has a dinner to prove to his mother that he is gay-friendly, so she can tell him about his father, which he already knows. This is hilariously not subtle, however. She reveals that the reason she didn't tell him was because he agreed not to tell anyone until she told him. Rogelio and his mother talk, and she tells him how scared she is to be on her own, it was a great scene. Petra and Rafael talk about their mothers, who are both terrible, and then they realize how to prove Petra's innocence. The supposed murder weapon arrived at the hotel after Christmas, which was after the murder. The professor calls Jane, and he tells her to give the student another chance due to university politics, and the narrator goes on a rant about higher education, which is funny but also very true. Jane talks to the student, and he agrees to write the paper if she can make a basket.

Jane tries to make a basket, but she is terrible at basketball so this is hilarious. He is inspired by her effort, so he decides to write the paper. Petra turns in her mother, who tells her this was the "wrong choice", words that the narrator tells us will come back to haunt her. I am excited to see where this is going, but I think that it will be at least a few episodes before we figure out what is meant by this. Rafael decides to talk to his mother, and everything seems to be going great. But, remember, this is Jane the Virgin. Michael comes to Jane and asks her about the friend request, which leads Jane to really move on from Michael. Jane's student turns his paper in, and it is a solid C minus. Rafael's dad shows up, and it is revealed that the events did not go the way that his mother said. She knew that he was gay for 40 years. It is discovered that Luisa's mother died eight years ago, so she is not Mutter. Michael comes to the conclusion that Rafael's mother is Mutter, something that Rafael also discovers, but too late, as his mother then injects him with something, and he passes out. What an ending! So many twists, and that's why we love Jane the Virgin. Well that and many other things, such as Gina Rodriguez's amazing talent and the hilarious Rogelio De La Vega.

This was a great return for Jane the Virgin! The stories were really great, and there were no weak moments.

What did you think of "Chapter Thirty-One"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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