iZombie S2E10 Review

In the mid-season finale, iZombie left viewers with a lot of despair. It was wonderful. Clive sort of "broke up" with Liv, and Liv in turn broke up with Major. Meanwhile, Ravi discovered that the cure was only temporary. I immediately wondered how the show would continue from here on out, if Liv and Clive would quickly start working together again, or if he would get dragged into the storyline in other ways. Well, iZombie is back now, so here are my thoughts on its return!

S2E10 "Method Head"

After Ravi's discovery in the mid-season finale, he breaks the news to Major and Liv. He doesn't know how long it will be until Major turns back into a zombie. He reminds them of the good news though, Liv and Major can have hot zombie sex. However, this is not going to happen, because they broke up. Ravi didn't know that though, so this resulted in a wonderful awkward moment. Major also made a comment about how Ravi needs to work on his concept of "good news". I loved that comment. It's Christmas time, so Blaine is in the Christmas spirit, in the way that Blaine would be. A new body comes in to the morgue, of someone dressed as Santa Claus. This scene has a lot of great lines, thank you Ravi. Liv can't work with Clive in the same capacity anymore, but she still eats the brains and gives him information. On the set of the TV show Zombie High, one of the characters is supposed to get killed off, but the gun that is supposed to be empty isn't, and the actor is killed. This was kind of interesting to me because the whole Zombie High thing reminded me of Cult, and if you were one of the few people who has watched Cult, you probably found that scene very interesting as well.

Liv and Ravi visit the scene of the crime, and Liv is crazy obsessing over the show. I don't remember Liv being that obsessed with the show, I thought that it was something she found interesting and watched on occasion. Clive reluctantly asks Liv for help in the case due to her knowledge of the show. The moment where Clive decided to ask Liv to help was a great one, great acting. Clive doesn't often stand out due to the fantastic acting of Rose McIver and David Anders as Liv and Blaine. Clive and Liv talk to the prop master and the actor. Looking at posters, they realize that the actor who shot the other was originally the main star, but then they became co-stars, and the one that died eventually became the lead. They think that the actor might have intentionally killed, but that makes no sense to me because the character was being killed already, so no need to get rid of the actor to become the star of the show again.

Liv and Ravi are analyzing the dead body's genatils, because of a piercing. This scene is hilarious, as is the following scene. After Liv eats the brains, she gives Ravi acting lessons. Liv and Clive talk to two actors who play zombies, and they discover that the dead actor never talked to them, and that the actor who shot the gun frequently misplaced his gun. Also, there was a comment about a zombie show where the zombie is the lead, which Clive immediately dismisses. Also, the actor wanted to move the show to LA, which made me realize how odd it is that the show is being filmed in Seattle. More likely, it would be filmed in Vancouver, Canada or that area. They later discover that a tattoo that many of the actors have refer to the death of an assistant director. Much of the cast blames the dead actor for the death, due to the about of takes they had to do that night, which resulted in everyone going home late. Liv runs lines with another actor and gives a great performance. A scientist approaches Major, telling him that he plans to expose Max Rager, and if he disappears, Major needs to tell the public about zombies.

Liv and Clive enter the trailer of the dead actor, and discover one of the actresses watching their sex tape. She wasn't sure if he had deleted it, she says. Later, Liv and Clive talk to a production assistant, who reveals who was supposed to be killed off this season, the actor who killed the other one. Liv, Clive, and Ravi also discover that the release of the tape would have ended the actress's career due to something she said. Major goes to Vaughn about what the doctor told him, which I found shocking, not something that I would expect Major to do. Vaughn takes Major to his place in Tacoma, and the zombies almost kill the doctor when Vaughn locks him in the zombies' place, but then he lets him out and reveals that it was a test. I felt, as a viewer, rather cheated by this. But maybe something interesting will come of this. Liv has a vision of the dead actor's call being filled with dirt and a grave stone for the assistant director who died. Also, the FBI shows up at Blaine's door.

The FBI officer found a number of Blaine's in two victims' phones. He pretends to look them up as he sends a message to get the cooler taken out of the room. Liv argues with Clive as he is interviewing someone, I believe it was the props master, but I couldn't be sure. There were a lot of characters in this episode. The argument was obviously acting, it looked like it came out of a daytime soap. He confesses to the murder, because he didn't want the show to move to LA and for the victim to become an even bigger star, so he handed the killer the wrong gun. Liv tells Clive that her motivation in that "scene" was really wanting to be partners with him again. The FBI officer enters, and discovers the sketches of Blaine on Clive's desk. She concludes that Blaine is responsible for the disappearances.

While there were some great comedic moments at the beginning, this episode felt very messy, with a lot of characters introduced this week, a seeming increase in Liv's interest in "Zombie High", simply so that could be used for the plot this week, and the testing of Major's loyalty that I didn't enjoy very much. I thought that, overall, this was a mediocre episode, and definitely iZombie's worst.

What did you think of "Method Head"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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