Telenovela S1E7 Review

I haven't been so crazy about Telenovela so far. It has had some good moments though. How good will this week's episode be? Read on for my thoughts!

S1E7 "The Grand Gesture"

The episode starts with the discovery that there is a piano on set, which results in everyone in the cast and crew but Ana singing "Congo Rhythm", which she doesn't like and is a little bit funny. James, the network president, enters on an electronic scooter, and that is pretty funny, as is what he says about his friendship with Bill Gates. James leaves a lot of flowers and a giant teddy bear in Ana's dressing room, but she isn't very into this relationship. Also, it turns out the bear has someone inside of it who passed out, which is pretty funny. James later says that he loves Ana, and she is freaked out by how fast this relationship is going. Also, after this, Xavi plays dramatic music on the piano, which is really funny.

Ana is trying to figure out how to break up with James. Mimi suggests just being honest, but Ana says that the truth is hard. She breaks up with him, claiming that it is because of their work relationship. As they hug, Mimi comes in, giving Ana wardrobe choices, which is really funny. James quits his job so he and Ana can be together, which she is shocked by, and the scene is really funny.

James wants to make the relationship even more intense because of his new free time, so Mimi and Gael tell Ana that she needs to be honest. Roxie joins Rodrigo and Isaac's poker game, and she surprises them by winning, and it is a little bit funny. James puts together a big thing that seems like a marriage proposal, but right before he asks her the question, she says that she doesn't want to get married, she wants to break up. It turns out that he wants her to go with him to a wedding, which is really funny.

Ana decides to ask forgiveness from James by singing a song, which is really funny, because she isn't a very good singer, and the singing just keeps getting worse as the song goes on. James realizes that he goes overboard on things, which is really funny, and I loved the joke about how he watched all the episodes of every Law & Order.

This was the best episode of Telenovela yet. It was really good.

What did you think of "The Grand Gesture"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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