Superstore S1E4 Review

Superstore tonight begins its airing in its regular timeslot. Though the ratings aren't very important until this episode, we've had three episodes to get to know the show, which I have loved so far. Will this episode be as good as the first three? Read on for my thoughts.

S1E4 "Mannequin"

The episode starts with Jonah getting into awkward conversations with his co-workers, which all starts when he complains about standing all day. This was hilarious. Amy and Garrett, the disabled employee, talk about how Jonah looks like a mannequin in the store. Amy talks to Cheyenne about the options for her baby, and there is a hilarious line about how Cheyenne hopes her baby can do great things, such as becoming assistant manager. Glenn talks to Cheyenne, and tries to convince her to give her the baby. Dina overhears Glenn talking on the phone, so she approaches Cheyenne, telling her why she would make a good mother for the baby, which was very funny. Jonah tells Amy that he can take a little teasing, so they set up the mannequin that looks like him holding bananas in the way that Jonah does, which is different than others.

Jonah tries not to get bothered by Amy's teasing using the mannequin, but he is having trouble. Glenn finds out that Cheyenne is considering Dina, so he approaches her, which is hilarious. I love these two characters. Jonah eventually gets fed up with the teasing, and tries to get rid of the mannequin. Mateo gets to do the shift assignments, and he sends everyone who has annoyed him to the freezer, which is pretty funny. An alarm goes off when Jonah tries to dispose of the mannequin, and Glenn rushes over.

Cheyenne quizzes Glenn and Dina to find out which would make a better parent, which has some very funny answers from the two of them. Garrett points out that Amy is letting her work slack because Jonah said that she was the responsible one, and she needs to go back to being responsible. He accuses her of being flirty with Jonah, though she denies it. Amy and Garrett then discover Jonah dressing a sex doll up like Amy. The others all end up entering, and there are some funny comments made. Jonah proves to Amy that he has returned the doll, and he says that he has figured out why Amy has been acting so strange that day. He believes that she has been hazing him.

This was the weakest episode so far. While I loved Cheyenne, Glenn, and Dina, Amy and Jonah weren't that great this week. Overall, it was a good episode.

What did you think of "Mannequin"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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