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The third season of The 100 got off to a strong, but slower than usual, start last week. Will it continue in this way this week?

S3E2 "Wanheda, Part Two"

The episode begins with the group consisting of Bellamy, Monty, Kane, and Indra is considering what to do next. They decide to get out of the vehicle, and they are taken. When Monty's name is spoken, however, it is revealed that one of the people is Monty's mother. This means, Monty backstory? I hope so! Jaha dreams that he and ALIE are arriving in the City of Light, and it is wonderful. Murphy wakes him up, however. Monty and his mother embrace, and the others are freed. Monty discovers that his father never made it. The group discovers some people that they know. I'm glad that a new group of people from the Ark were found, this could create some interesting storylines. Clarke tricks her kidnapper, and they get in a fight where she appears to kill him, but he was just tricking her, and he tries to drown her. In the water, the red comes out of Clarke's hair. Clarke realizes that the man is from the Ice Nation.

Octavia wakes up next to Lincoln, and then they discover an ally of Lincoln's. Octavia shouts "hold your fire" to the camp, obviously trying to prevent another Anya situation. RIP Anya, we miss you. Octavia and Lincoln bring in Lincoln's friend, and they discover that none of them have the blood match. The only way to get the necessary blood to save him is to go to Mount Weather. Abby asks Lincoln what the best thing to do is. A bounty hunter comes after Clarke's girlfriend, but then Bellamy's crew saves her. Clarke's captor and other grounders get in a fight, and it is a really good fight scene.

Abby's group, which includes Jasper, arrive at Mount Weather. Octavia tells Jasper not to do anything stupid, but you know that he will. Bellamy's group arrives at the field, and Bellamy sees Clarke, but they can't get to her because the Ice Nation is marching. Indra must warn her people, and the others hide in a cave. Murphy talks to his old friend, and discovers what she does. She tries to take something from a man who looks like he is sleeping, but he grabs her by the neck. She frees herself, and she and Murphy escape.

Clarke asks her captor why he is hiding from his own people, and why she is taking him to the Ice Nation. Monty asks his mother a second time what happened to his father. Their section of the Ark landed in the snow, and that is why they survived. There were children playing in the snow, and fifteen of them died. Monty's father saved four children, and died trying to save a fifth. Kane tells the man from the Ark that not all grounders are the same, but he says that they are to him. Murphy and his friend investigate the backpack, and the other with them shows up, and puts a knife to her throat, telling Murphy to give him the backpack. Murphy then threatens to destroy ALIE. His friend is released, and he throws the backpack and escapes. ALIE tells Jaha there is no death in the City of Light. I honestly have no idea what is going on in this storyline.

Lincoln's grounder friend is getting better. Abby, her assistant, and Lincoln discuss using the mountain. She eventually decides to. Jasper, meanwhile, is looking for something. He then destroys a lot of the artwork. He eventually finds the paining he was looking for, Maya's favorite. Octavia arrives, and looks at it with him. It was a great emotional scene. Monty discovers that Bellamy is gone. He is out looking for Clarke. He finds her, and he gets in a fight with her captor, and he puts a sword to Bellamy's chest. Clarke convinces him not to kill Bellamy, but he stabs Bellamy and tells him not to follow them. It was great to have Bellamy get so close to rescuing Clarke, but still end up unsuccessful.

The others find Bellamy, and he gets angry at them for not deciding to follow. His emotions here are perfect, Bob Morley does an amazing job. Clarke is brought before Lexa, and Lexa gets angry at the captor for harming Clarke. The captor is then locked away. Lexa asks everyone to leave her and Clarke. Lexa remains clam while Clarke gets angry, and shouts at Lexa. She is taken away. Alone, Lexa shows her sadness slightly, but she is rather stoic, as Lexa would be. I thought that this final scene was great.

This was another great episode. There were a lot of great scenes. The only problem was the City of Light storyline, which is getting confusing and slightly boring.

What did you think of "Wanheda, Part Two"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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