How Will Second Chance Premiere? (Poll)

Tonight, FOX will premiere Second Chance, a new sci-fi drama based around the classic novel Frankenstein.

-It airs out of American Idol, which did high 2s for its two-part premiere last week
-There isn't an Empire competition to worry about (obviously; FOX can't really air two shows at the
same time!)
-People may tune in out of curiosity to see their tackle on the Frankenstein novel

-A sci-fi crime drama doesn't exactly seem the most compatible show for American Idol to launch
-The episode has been online since Christmas, meaning a fair amount of people may have already watched it
-The show was picked up as The Frankenstein Code, changed to Lookinglass, and now goes by the name Second Chance, a less telling title, and how many name changes can a show really go through?

My guess: A 2.1, eventually settling at half of that and finishing with a season average of a 1.26. But then again, we were all predicting high 1s for Empire's premiere in the same time slot one year ago...

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