Undateable S3E10 Review (UPDATED)

Undateable is once again live! The show returns for four more episodes (it has not been given more episodes to its season as of January 8th) beginning this week. As I usually do, I will review the west coast version on Friday night and then add notes after watching the east coast show on Saturday (in parentheses).

S3E10 "A New Year's Resolution Walks Into a Bar"

At the start of the episode, Justin asks Danny and Burski if he has told them about his New Year's Resolution. Danny asks if it is to dress like a junior high schooler, and he says that it is to not let people's words hurt him. It is not going well so far. This exchange was hilarious. Leslie drinks more wine, despite Brett reminding her about her New Year's Resolution. She asks if the road he is heading down feels safe, which got a huge laugh out of me. Shelley is excited that he has lost a hundred pounds. (In the east coast version, when Burski talked about the picture of Nicki Manaj's butt he put on the treadmill, he said that if Shelley got the butt, he wouldn't know what to do with it. Shelley insisted that he would know what to do with it. If this joke was in the west coast version, I missed it.) Charlotte enters wearing Danny's pants, which Candace notices is really sexy. After Justin makes a comment that doesn't come out well, Candace is convinced that she needs to be sexier. Danny says that he can teach Candace how to be sexy. He asks Charlotte to rate him in bed, and she says six, which is not what he was expecting. I loved Burski's line about how, together, they make a seven.

Danny cannot believe that Charlotte says he is a six because of his hips, which is really funny. Shelley enters through a poster, as he did before, and Justin asks him how many times he is going to do that. Brett tries to teach Danny what making love is by quoting Shakespeare. Justin tells him that there needs to be intimacy, and Danny pretends not to know that word, which is very funny. Justin decides to show Danny what he means by intimacy by showing him what he does with Candace, with him as Candace. At the bar, Candace wishes that Shelley was there to give her a hug. Leslie says that he could be behind the poster, and says something that would get him to come out, which is very funny, but he doesn't come out, so he must not be there. Charlotte and Leslie try to teach Candace how to be sexy. She isn't very good at this, so they show her. The two get very close and are about to kiss, which makes Burski make a comment about how ratings are going to go through the roof. Leslie backs out from the kiss, saying she would need more wine first. Shelley then enters, saying "I believe that's my cue," which was really funny.

Danny is hugging Charlotte like a koala bear, which is hilarious. Charlotte tells Danny that it's okay for him to change for her, she says that Candace is doing that for Justin right now. Outside, Candace tries to be sexy and ends up knocking Justin's tooth out. In the bar, Justin can't seem to avoid saying words with "s" in them, which is very funny. The group ends up splashing alcoholic beverages on each other. Except for Justin's difficulties in speaking, I didn't enjoy this scene very much. Candace tells Justin that she was just trying to be sexy for him, and he says that she is the sexiest girl alive. Danny remembers that Charlotte's favorite romantic scene is from The Notebook when it is raining, so Brett sprays Sprite on them as they kiss, and Justin exclaims that's how you make love.

The first two-thirds of the episode was hilarious, though the last third was lacking. Overall, it was still a really good episode.

What did you think of "A New Year's Resolution Walks Into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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