Super Smoo on The X-Files: Episode 10x02

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Night 2 of The X-Files Premiere: For the next four episodes after this episode, the show will air in its regular time slot: Mondays at 8:00 pm.

Warning: The following review contains spoiler alerts, graphic situations, aliens, and the like. 

10x02 - "Founder's Mutation"

Episode 2 marked a return to investigative form. It was a much improved episode from last night's premiere. However, there are still some questions that arose. Was Scully a victim of an alien experiment that could cause William to have possible deformities? Has Mulder gone mad? 

Anyways, the opening scene begins with a doctor committing suicide using a letter opener. It's pretty graphic to say the least. 

So Mulder and Scully investigate his suicide, and we soon find out that it wasn't an ordinary suicide. Once the dynamic duo went to his house, they soon discover pictures of what looked like alien deformed children. 

We soon get flashbacks of what life would have been like if Scully hadn't have given William up for adoption. Same thing happens with Mulder at the close of the episode. These two scenes were emotionally gripping for me. 

Mulder and Scully soon find out that one kid has been responsible for what caused the doctor to commit suicide. The excuse was that he's trying to find his sister. Then all hell breaks loose in the research facility where the alien experiment children are kept. 

Overall, the episode was very bizarre, but it was well done. Obviously there is an ongoing storyline going on in this miniseries. Next week according to the promo, it's looks like there will be a Monster of the Week episode. Look for episode 3's review next week, and tune in to next week's episode Mondays at 8:00 pm on FOX. 

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