Sunday Ratings: Galavant Stays Low, Simpsons and Cooper Barrett Show Their True Colors

The Ratings Junkie Monday, January 18, 2016

America's Funniest Home Videos: 0.8
Galavant: 0.6
Quantico (R): 0.3/0.4

ABC was kind of the forgotten network of the night, with America's Funniest Home Videos continuing to struggle with its new host, and Galavant staying embarrassingly low. The question is, may it still get renewed?


NFL: 12.0
60 Minutes: 4.7
Madam Secretary: 2.0
The Good Wife: 1.3

Nothing like a good ol' NFL playoff game to inflate your entire line-up, with lead-in dependent 60 Minutes up about four whole ratings points from its last non-football airing. If only all shows were given that good a treatment! Madam Secretary's lack of any retention shows that a new shows should go there next season. And then there's The Good Wife at 10, which may or may not be riding things out as a final season.


The Simpsons (R): 0.8
Bob's Burgers: 1.0
The Simpsons: 1.8
Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life: 1.2
Family Guy: 1.6
Bordertown: 1.2

Not many people seemed to remember that Bob's Burgers was on, returning to a weak 1.0 rating at the dreaded 7:30 time slot. On the bright side, it was the only show for the night to do at least as well in the A18-34 demographic as in A18-49. Expect to see around a 1.1-1.3 for its primary M18-34 + more when streaming is factored in. The Simpsons and Cooper Barrett also returned to their true colors this week, indicating that half the people who "watched" them last week just left their TVs on. Family Guy is down too a little, and Bordertown has dipped again. It could still be renewed, hard to tell.


Dateline: 0.8/1.1
Democratic Presidential Primary Debate: 1.8/2.1

And then there's NBC, which is still yet to announce what will follow up football Sundays. Last night was Dateline and a debate, not much to say here.

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