Teachers S1E2 Review

It's picture day at Fillmore elementary, and if there is one thing i've learnt from school sitcoms, it's gonna be a disaster

S1E2 " Picture Day"

The episode starts with the girls sitting in their staff room when the principal shows up and tells them that they have brought in a new photographer and that Caroline's class had won the school spirit award, which meant that her class could take a picture with the school mascot, Millard the iguana. Things don't go well in Caroline's class however, when Millard is found dead in his class, leading them all to panic and the teachers thinking about the rule of 3. It gets even worse when they try to bury Millard in the school ground and end up finding the remains of his predecessor. And as the cherry on top, an elderly grief counselor comes to her class to ease the children of their woes, but ends up dying in front of them. Those kids had a rough day

Meanwhile, in storyline B, Cecilia gets harassed by the new photographer after he calls her a nasty little s*** while taking her photo. He then calls her a dirty little h*****, after which Deb decides to put him in his place by yelling at him while making sexual gestures before he takes her picture.
he later tries to apologise to Cecilia and although she accepts it, he walks off and calls her a s**** before getting hit by a van, thus completing the rule of 3.

Not much happens in Storylines C and D. AJ and Chelsea both end up ruining each others chances of having a good picture when AJ puts too much tanning lotion on Chelsea and Chelsea accidently waxes off AJ's eyebrows, leading her to draw them back on. Lastly, Mary Louise once again deals with Balakay.... er I mean Blake and his hot dad.

This episode didn't feel as good as the premiere but it was pretty good. It was nice to see Cecilia being important unlike in the premiere while AJ and Chelsea were hilarious. Caroline's story was depressing and not very funny. Mary Louise is nice but they should focus on more than just her and Blake's dad. I have hope that this show will improve since the cast are really good. Kudos to Rob Riggle for once again being a great guest star, never a main character.

Quote of the week: "Now, let me tell you what's gonna happen. You are gonna take my picture and you are not gonna say one inappropriate thing to me or any other teacher again, You got that, you weasel d*** meat jerker?"

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