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The Ratings Junkie Sunday, January 10, 2016
Top Posts

This was one weird week. I think the power of SEO has propelled three of our articles (or someone shared a link to them that I'm unaware of), all published on October 7, to the top 3 spots this week. In
fact, they did exponentially better than the rest of the posts this week, and higher than I would have ever imagined really.

1) FOX Renew/Cancel Watch (October 7) by Alan
2) Professor Smoo's Network Report Card by Smoo
3) Modern Family Episode 3 Review by Hunter
4) Hulu/ABC TCA Coverage by Jessica
5) CW Renew/Cancel Watch (January 4) by Jessica

If those top 3 articles didn't see such a boost, then we'd be looking at the return of Eric's What's Trending series, this time about the upcoming scripts, making the list. We'd also see Jessica's article about JJ Abram's Person of Interest's tweet making the list, as well as the most recent Undateable review.

Comment of the Week

I think TVD will be renewed. It's still 4th on the network most weeks, and it's been pretty stable this season. Moving to Friday night actually help it as well because if it keeps those numbers 0.5-0.6 on Friday it'll be renewed for a full season, and at those numbers on Friday it won't even be the final season. I just don't see them cancelling it. I see your reasoning though :)

Question of the Week

How will The Vampire Diaries rate on Fridays?

Final Thoughts

The 24-hour period that Blogger measures for daily stats is about to come to a close, and I am very happy to say that we just had our best day yet. In fact, we got more page views today than the entire month of June COMBINED! Thanks everyone, and hope you continue to visit and spread the word about The TV Ratings Guide!

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