Super Smoo on Supernatural: Episode 11x10

Warning: The following article contains spoilers, angels, demons, fantasy violence, and the like. Proceed at your own risk.

11x10 - "The Devil in the Details"

The opening scene sounds like a typical Christmas scene but plot twist it has Crowley and Rowena. Crowley opens his presents and was excited to get a Sam Funko toy. Santa shows up, but wait, it's actually Lucifer posing as Santa. Sounds like a scene in a scary movie, and you wonder why I don't believe in Santa Claus. 

Cut to the main storyline where poor Sammy is in the cage with the devil himself. Okay, enough with the synopsis! Lucifer takes Sam on memory lane through his younger days, the season 5 finale scene where Michael/Adam dies, and Sam with his ex-girlfriend Amelia. Lucifer calls Sam out for changing, but despite all of that, what I liked about the exchange was that Sam chose family over letting Lucifer take over his body. A cage match ensues, and Dean and Castiel join in. Ironically, in a plot twist, Castiel becomes Lucifer. Rowena dies in a true to the Supernatural tradition of killing female characters, after Lucifer in Cas's body snaps her neck. 

Meanwhile, Amara aka The Darkness consumes a female angel's soul after being smited. I'm guessing that's why Dean got smiting sickness.

Best line of the whole episode was when Lucifer said that he would move to Los Angeles and solve crimes. Obviously that was a jab at the new FOX TV show Lucifer. 

So now we have two big baddies in the world for the Winchester brothers to deal with. 

What did you think about Castiel allowing Lucifer to take over his body? Let me know in the comments below! 

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