The Goldbergs S3E13 Review

This week deals with televised games, one no longer in existence and the other being an American classic riddled with scandals

S3E13 "Double Dare"

Future Adam starts with an explanation of his favourite game show "Double Dare" which Adam and Emmy are big fans of. They are given an opportunity to star on the show when the school is hosting auditions for the show. Adam initially decides to participate in the trial with Emmy, but decides against it because he wants to beat his alleged nemesis Handsome Ben. He enlists Pops to help him out because he knew everyone loves an adorable old man. However, Pops doesn't do well in the physical challenges and leaves feeling confused and covered in goo. Adam feels bad for ditching Emmy and asks if they can team up, but Emmy had already partnered with Handsome Ben. Together, they both successfully complete the trial, but Adam and Emmy get into a fight after Handsome Ben reveals that he was training with Emmy for 2 months. Emmy's betrayal and fight leads to her getting kicked off the show and Handsome Ben taking another partner ,Amy. Adam tries to reconcile with Emmy and together, they both realise they are jack***es and that Double Dare almost tore them apart, ending with a joke questioning if Double Dare will still be alive today

In storyline B, Barry and Murray are tired of seeing their beloved football team The Eagles lose every Sunday, until they discover that every time Beverly is in the TV room, the Eagles score a touchdown. This leads to Barry believing that his mother is a good luck charm and thus inviting her to all their subsequent football viewings. However, Murray gets annoyed with Beverly asking so many questions and asks her to leave by telling her she asks too many questions. Beverly takes this the wrong way and later asks Bill Lewis to teach her about football. After some struggle in the beginning, Erica helps out by using Mom speak to help Beverly understand. Beverly comes back home and joins the boys but Murray gets annoyed again because he believes that Football is his thing and scrapbooking is hers. After telling her that football is spending time apart from her, Murray realises his mistake and decides to make a family scrapbook as a way to apologise. Beverly finds the book terrible but forgives Murray anyways.

Gotta say, this episode was pretty good. It was nice to see Emmy and Adam together again, even if it was yet another fight. I still noticed there was a lack of Erica and Barry but the parents more than made up for it, especially Beverly. The end scene with Barry was hella fun. I wonder if they will ever make an episode focused mostly on Erica. That could be very refreshing. 

Quote of the week: " It looks like something a 10 year old serial killer would make"

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