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Frankie is turning 50 on The Middle this week, which has the potential to be really funny. Read on for my thoughts on the episode!

S7E13 "Floating 50"

The episode begins with Mike, Frankie, Axl, and Brick in the car. There are some funny lines about how Brick didn't get confirmed, and as a result is going to hell, according to Axl. Frankie decides that they should get pizza from the place she wants to go, because she is 50 and they never celebrated her birthday, because she decided to float it. Sue, meanwhile, loses a sock in the laundry room at college, and her reaction is really funny, as she considers calling on the emergency phone. On their way home, Brick tells the family he has to come up with something that he can't do for school, so they can bury it and then he eventually does it. Mike comes up with sports. Also, they realize that the pizza they got was on top of the car, and when they go back it is being eaten by birds. This was a really funny scene.

Mike decides to plan a surprise party for Frankie, and recruits Axl and Brick to help him. The two aren't very good at parties, and that is pretty funny. Mike doesn't tell Sue until the last minute, because she isn't very good at surprises. When he does tell Sue, it is really funny because Frankie also calls her. Also, Brick's PE teacher decides to help him be good at sports. They have trouble picking a sport, and that is really funny. Eventually, they hilariously dig up his "I can't" to change it to small talk.

The party is ready to happen, but Mike doesn't know where Frankie is. Also, Sue criticizes Axl's party choices, and Brick hilariously tries to make small talk. They discover that Frankie is at Sue's college, looking for her. Sue has a really funny conversation on the phone with Frankie, and then Frankie discovers that she's snowed in. The family tells Frankie about the surprise party, and she is sad that she couldn't be there. But, they show her all that they did for the party, and there are a couple of funny moments. I loved the end of the episode in the voice-over where Frankie says that maybe she should go there for Mother's Day.

Overall, this was a great episode with many funny moments and a great unexpected resolution.

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