Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E12 Review

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Last week, Brooklyn Nine-Nine didn't air, due to the State of the Union, but it is back this week. How good is this week's episode? Read on for my thoughts!

S3E12 "9 Days"

The episode starts with everyone noticing that Holt is sad, and Jake coming up with a plan, telling Holt about a cold case of his, and lying that it is hot again. Jake talks to Holt, and the scene is a little bit funny, as he tries to be exciting by speaking in Spanish. Terry is preparing for his lieutenant's exam, and Gina talks about how she thinks that tests are stupid, which is a little bit funny. Charles is sad because his dog died, and Rosa tells him that they are to work a case together, and she pats his head, which I found a little bit funny. Jake and Holt follow the case, and end up getting mumps.

The doctor tells Jake and Holt about the symptoms, and their reaction to testicular pains is really funny. Terry acts as captain as Jake and Holt are quarantined, and he creates a list of things he wants to get done, and he will ring a bell when they are accomplished. Charles won't work, he just focuses on creating a memorial video for his dog. Jake and Holt work on the case together from Holt's house, and it is really funny. The two become delirious, and Amy hilariously stops them from leaving. I loved Jake's line about her being Usain Bolt.

Amy talks to Jake and tells him that they need to drop the case. Also, Holt hilariously writes the word "case" over and over again and ends up eventually spelling it with a "k". Rosa gets Charles another dog to replace his dog, but Charles tells her that he can't just replace his dog. Hitchcock and Scully annoy Terry, and when he slams the door shut, everything falls apart. Jake admits to Holt that he just dug up the case, and they get into a hilarious fight, after he naps, which is a really funny line.

Amy makes ziti for Jake and Holt, and after she convinces Holt to accept the ziti, he discovers that it is horrible. The recipe is actually a code, they discover. Terry didn't get any of the things he wanted to accomplish done, but Gina makes him realize that he did well. Rosa holds a eulogy for Charles's dog when she discover how much dogs can mean when she keeps the one that Charles didn't accept. There was also a funny line from Gina here about how she approved of the violence in Rosa's speech. When their mumps are gone, Holt thanks Jake.

Holt and Jake were good, but the rest of the episode was not very funny, and just bad. Overall, it was an alright episode.

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