The Middle S7E12 Review


Axl starts his internship this week, and he expects it to go a lot better than realistic. How did the episode turn out however? Better or worse than Axl's internship? (Hint: it's better, that's not hard to beat). Read on for my thoughts!

S7E12 "Birds of a Feather"

The episode starts with Axl preparing for his first day of his internship, and he has some pretty high expectations for himself in life and what his internship will be like. This is very funny, because his expectations are pretty unrealistic. Sue has written a paper for a class on peace in the Middle East, and she wrote it like a recipe. This is really funny and typical Sue, and it gets even better when she doesn't understand what the teacher is asking of her. Axl's first day does not go as he had expected, and this was really funny. He comes home complaining about his day, and he has notes written all over him of how people wanted their coffee. His lines are hilarious. Also, Cindy comes to Mike and tells him that she kissed another boy, and he needs to tell Brick. Frankie goes to her first day back at work, and it is terrible. They are very busy, and a tablet keeps telling her that she is behind. This is really funny.

Sue turns in another paper to her teacher, and this one is just a bunch of facts. He tells her that he wants to know how she feels. Frankie can't complain about her job at home because she doesn't want Axl to complain about his. Mike tells Brick about Cindy, and the scene is hilarious because they argue like they are friends. Also there was a joke that came up twice where Mike couldn't remember what grade Brick is in. Sue asks an environmental activist how to be deep, but he just criticizes her, which is really funny. Axl comes home from work with an assortment of things, which is funny.

Sue goes to her teacher and tells him that she is always going to be the way that she is. He tells her that this is the kind of depth that he wanted out of her. Frankie and Mike ask Axl about the bird that he brought home, and he explains what happened on what he considers to be the worst day of his life. He finds a poster from elementary school, and talks about how his parents always believed in him and told him that he could do anything, but now he realizes that he can't, and all he has to believe in is SpongeBob, which is really funny.

Frankie asks Mike where Axl's negativity and complaining comes from, and he says that comes from her, they are like the same person. Mike says that they are the drama queens of the house. This scene is pretty funny. Brick apologizes to Mike for yelling at him about the whole Cindy thing. Mike and Brick then connect in an unusual moment, as Mike gives him advice about women. Frankie sits down to talk to Axl and they talk about their work experiences. They also come up with an idea to run an ice cream store, which is hilarious, and a great ending.

This was a great episode. The connecting between Mike and Brick and Frankie and Axl is great, and Sue was great in this episode as well.

What did you think of "Birds of a Feather"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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