Undateable S3E11 Review (UPDATED)

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This week the two storylines, Brett's citizenship test and Leslie's birthday, do not revolve around Danny, Justin, and Candace, which I think could be good because it can show off the rest of the cast's talents. Read on for my thoughts on the episode, and I will update the post with notes on the east coast version on Saturday afternoon. (I apologize that I didn't end up getting to this until Sunday afternoon.)

S3E11 "Danny's Boyz Walk Into a Bar"

The episode starts with Danny playing a hilarious game called State of the Union. This is really funny, I loved it. He pretends to be Barack Obama, and when he says something they like, they all stand and cheer, but when he says something they don't like, they just sit there. He gives an example, and then Justin tries, saying that the bar will show reruns of Whitney. Everyone just sits there, and Danny hilariously responded "NBC burned all those anyway." Hilarious! (In the east coast version, Justin says that he is going to sing Broadway karaoke, and only Candace stands, which is almost as funny.) Brett is preparing to take a citizenship test, and the others hilariously don't know where Congress meets. It's Leslie's birthday, and she does not want to celebrate it. This results in hilarious reminiscing about her past birthdays, and jokes about her mom. Burski comes up with a terrible plan to get Leslie to fall in love with him, but he has another plan involving giving her the perfect gift, but he doesn't know what that would be. Also, Candace sings a hilarious song to Justin.

Brett lost his lucky sweater, and he is nervous about taking his citizenship test without it. Danny has been watching reruns of CSI: Miami, so he thinks that he is a detective now, which is hilarious. Candace tries to figure out what Leslie wants for her birthday for Burski, but she says that she doesn't want anything. Danny, Justin, and Brett discover that a street dancer has found Brett's sweater and is wearing it. Danny challenges him to a dance off the next day in the bar.

The dance off is about to begin. Danny, Justin, Burski, Brett, Candace, and Leslie make up Danny's Boyz, or Justin's Boys and Girls, whoever you ask. Shelly pretends to be a priest, and he is going to judge the dance off, which is hilarious. I especially loved his prayer. The other guys win the dance off. Danny convinces Brett to take his test and that he doesn't need his sweater by caressing his face, which is really funny. Burksi is upset because Danny won't help him, and Shelley confiscates Danny's outfit, leaving him in his underwear, which is pretty funny. (In the east coast version, the underwear had Shelley's face on them, which is a little bit funnier than the west coast's zebra print briefs.)

Brett has passed his citizenship test, and there are some funny America jokes as the result of that. Burksi buys an expensive scarf for Leslie, but Danny advises him that Leslie wouldn't like that because it would remind her of her ex, and instead he should get her a candy necklace. She loves the necklace, and she asks him to go out on a birthday dinner with her. Justin gives a speech that ends in "God bless Danny Burton, God bless America, and, if this show gets picked up for another season, God bless the National Broadcasting Company," which I thought was a great ending.

This was a great episode. It was funny the whole way through, and the story was set up really well.

What did you think of "Danny's Boyz Walk Into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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