Modern Family S7E11 Review

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The ducks make another appearance tonight on Modern Family. Will the episode be good? Read on for my thoughts!

S7E11 "Spread Your Wings"

At the start of the episode, Phil is visiting Alex and the rest of the family is getting annoyed by the ducks. Cam and Gloria need a certain pepper to make enough of their sauce by six o'clock that night, and Manny comes up with a plan. There is a hilarious part where Gloria gets out a knife, and Manny says that they are just trying to steal a pepper, not teach its family a lesson. Alex takes Phil to the robotics lab, where he embarrasses her. I loved a line about how the other robots are staring.

Jay visits Mitch, who is hosting a sleepover for a bunch of Lily's friends. They are all Vietnamese, so the things that goes on between Mitch and the other parents are really funny. Gloria and Cam execute Manny's plan, but in their own way, which is very funny. I loved Manny's redirecting of the group of senior citizens, it was hilarious. Alex tells Phil that she is thinking about moving back home next semester and commuting. He encourages her to participate in college activities, and she thinks that he is trying to get rid of her. Jay tries to wear out the kids at the sleepover by showing them a workout video, but this just energizes them. Jay has a hilarious line about not losing to the Vietnamese again. Claire, Luke, and Haley release the ducks, but then the realize that the ducks remind Phil of the three kids, but by then the ducks have left.

Claire, Luke, and Haley try to find the ducks, and they ended up going into a pond. Phil brings Alex a bag with the headphones she wanted in it. He tells her that he realizes that she isn't him, and she may not enjoy the things that he did. When he leaves, she discovers that there is a prom dress and goggles in the bag, which would be used for an event going on at the college. Gloria breaks up with Cam, which results in a hilarious reaction. Cam getting broken up with is hilarious, he has all the emotions. Jay and Mitch enter, and when Gloria and Cam bring up that the sauce can't all be bottled in time, they decide to have the girls bottle the sauce. One of the parents comes into the house during the bottling, and this is hilarious. Phil decides to let the ducks free after Claire brings them back. Alex jumps into the pool. In the tag scene, Jay reads an instruction manual to get the girls to fall asleep, and he discovers that Mitch has fallen asleep. It was a hilarious tag.

Claire, Haley, and Luke's story was not so funny, but good on story, as was Phil and Alex's. The other two stories were very funny. Overall, this was a good episode.

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