You, Me, and the Apocalypse Series Premiere Review

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You, Me, and the Apocalypse is the kind of show that could easily be a great crazy comedy or a strange, no-good show. Which will it be? Read on for my thoughts on the premiere!

S1E1 "Who Are These People?"

The episode started at the end of the world, before going back thirty-four days. I think it was a great way to start the episode. It immediately grabbed the audience's attention. Thirty-four days earlier, the main character wakes up in the morning in England and records a video message on his computer. Next, a woman is going to jail in New Mexico. She is very worried, and it is kind of odd. A woman in the cell next to her, who has a swastika on her head, befriends her. Back in England, two friends talk and they are being watched. In Italy, a nun is not getting along with the other nuns. She is told that she is needed elsewhere, and she goes there. The man being watched gets visited by his mother at work, who has the kind of personality that should be funny, but this isn't funny. The man then gets arrested. So far, the episode has not been great, the character introductions were not entertaining.

In the Vatican, the nun arrives at her new job. The prisoner woman is facing trouble in jail, and the swastika woman comes to her rescue, and she now sees the swastika. She has to decide between that woman's group or having no allies. It turns out that her lawyer has shown up, so she just flips off everyone. The man who got arrested is shown a video that references the Bible, the book of Revelations. The priest shows up and meets with the nun, and he is actually pretty funny. Finally an interesting character! The prisoner woman was alright, but he is the first good one. He shares that his job used to be preventing people from becoming saints, but that position had been removed, which resulted in many new saints, so it was reinstated. The prisoner woman meets with her lawyer, and the lawyer tells her to stop covering for her son, who obviously committed the crime. The lawyer advises her not to get one anyone's bad side, but it is a bit late for that.

The man who got arrested is being interrogated, and they tell him that they found his DNA in Moscow. The lawyer has a sort of funny line asking if he has a twin. The priest is talking to the nun, and he is really interesting, being pretty funny. He turns her down, and then she comes back and splashes water in his face. She confronts him, and it makes her a really likeable character. He then gives her the job, but she doesn't want to work for him. This was definitely the best scene so far. The friend of the arrested man proves that he was in England on a specific date, and the scene is really funny. The swastika woman gives the librarian prisoner advice, and the scene is also really funny. The show is definitely getting better now. The arrested man discovers that his wife, who has been missing for seven years, has been found.

Jamie, the arrested man, demands to know more about his wife, but he is simply let go. In prison, the news story is interrupted, a comet is heading toward Earth. The nun considers the job offer, and is unsure of what to do. The news travels all over the world fast. The president, on the television, asks everyone to remain calm, but they do not, which is mildly entertaining. Jamie discovers that he was adopted, so there is a chance that he has an identical twin.

In Italy, everyone is praying, and in prison everyone is behaving insanely. The priest finds the nun, and asks her if she is in our out. She says "in". The prisoners escape. Jamie finds the detective, and she gives him all her information she has on the case, so he can find his wife. Two people rescue the librarian, and swastika woman insists on going with her, handcuffing them together.

I thought that this was an alright episode. The episode started out terrible, but the second half of the episode was good. I wish that the announcement about the comet had come sooner, as most of the fun happened after this.

What did you think of "Who Are These People?" Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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