The Goldbergs S3E12 Review

I love how the Goldbergs always makes me feel nostalgic about the 80's. Which is funny because I was born in the 90's.

S3E12 - "Baio and Switch"

Future Adam begins the story by talking about charity chains, some weird event where everyone held hands to symbolise equality. At the time in 198 something, America was planning a big human chain for which Barry and Erica are initially excited to the extent of making crafts for the event, but their happiness is cut short after their incompetent Coach Meller hands over control of the event to Beverly, who only did it so she could have her picture in the newspaper with her children. The kids originally wanted to quit because of Beverly but stayed because  Beverly lied about getting Scott Baio (AKA Chachi from Happy Days) for the event. Unfortunately this makes Barry and Erica fight over who gets to hold Baio's hand which makes Beverly realise that she needs to get out of the mess she has made. After a very weird motivational speech from the coach, Beverly finds a replacement in the form of a Benjamin Franklin impersonator, just in time for the big day.
But Erica and Barry soon realise that Beverly never got Baio and refuse to hold hands with her and end up fighting while the chain was being formed which causes the event to become a failure.
However, the kids eventually forgive Beverly and even frame the picture of them fighting which eventually came on the newspaper.

On Storyline B, Adam finds himself stuck with two dates for the annual harvest dance when he invites his friend Mirsky to the dance because her crush wouldn't take her, but he gets surprised when his girlfriend comes over from Seattle. Pops tries to convince Adam that he can juggle two dates but Adam doesn't believe him after watching various episodes of sitcoms with Dave Kim. Pops then decides tohelp Adam with a plan but as they were making it, Dana and Mirsky storm into the Goldberg residence and find out Adam was two timing them since they were staying together which leads to them hurting Adam's hand, the next day, during the human chain event. Murray then tells Adam to "not be a moron" which was his way of telling him to be honest. Adam listens to his dad and on the day of the dance, Adam goes to Mirsky's house and apologises to both of them by telling them about how much they both meant to him, which oddly enough worked and thus, Adam goes to the dance with both of them.

This episode felt a lot better than the previous episode. I was initially disappointed because Adam was having the cliched "Two Dates" plot, but I was impressed with how it was handled. My favourite scene was when Adam and Dave Kim watch the sitcom episodes which inluded epics like The Brady Bunch, Family Ties, Three's Company, and best of all, Cheers. Another good thing about this episode was that there were a lot more jokes than before which made it easier to find my quote of the week. Still weird that the whole chain broke because, once again, Beverly was jealous of the Kremps. But overall, it was a pretty good episode

Quote of the week: "I want to help with Hands Across America, and by help I mean push you aside and take over entirely."

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