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Superstore's first season is about halfway over right now, and it is proving to be great. Despite finding one episode to be weaker than the rest, I have enjoyed every episode so far.

S1E7 "Color Wars"

The episode starts with Dina crying because her bird died. She can't finish sentences because of this, and there is a kind of funny moment where Cheyenne tells everyone that the word she is trying to say is "bird". Glenn tells everyone that this is the day of color wars. Two teams compete, the red team and the gold team, to sell the most, and the winning team gets a pizza party. Glenn asks Dina to help him plan the party, and she tells him that she doesn't like his ideas before she even hears them, which is pretty funny. Amy discovers that there is a second prize, each member of the winning team gets one hundred dollars. She calls a meeting to tell the rest of the team, and that meeting is pretty funny. Garrett notices that something is up, and he recruits Mateo to find out. He gets the answer from Cheyenne, and it is pretty funny.

Amy encourages Jonah to be more aggressive in his selling, and this ends up being really funny, as does Amy's selling items. Also, Dina is not liking Glenn's stupid ideas, which are really funny. They decide to get a cake, and the guy working at the bakery doesn't speak English and just writes everything Glenn says onto the form to put on the cake, which is really funny.

Garrett comes up with lies about a biking accident in order to sell a more expensive bike and a nice helmet, and this is funny. Cheyenne is ringing up items for a lady who is not really paying attention, and she adds more items, which is funny. Jonah is selling even more things to who he doesn't know is Amy's husband. He later, however, discovers that the man is Amy's husband, so he then has to try to talk him out of buying the things, which is pretty funny. Amy ends up finding them though.

Amy and her husband get into an argument, and they try to get Jonah in the middle of it, but he hilariously tries to help someone else. Glenn and Dina start the party, and it is really funny. The funniest moments are when Garrett reads the two cakes, which have all of the words that Glenn and Dina said on them, and when the old lady hits the piñata.

The start of the episode was pretty good, and from there it just kept getting better, and ended up being a great episode.

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