Telenovela S1E5 Review

Telenovela starts building a house for the needy? That's what's going on this week on Telenovela. Does it work? Read on for my thoughts!

S1E5 "The Rivals"

At the start of the episode, Gael, Ana, and Mimi share the reasons that they are exhausted. While Gael and Ana have rather stupid reasons, Mimi has much more serious problems. That was pretty funny. To decide who will get coffee, the cast and crew play belly Jenga, which is really hilarious. Ana and Xavi lose, so they have to go get coffee. A couple from another show runs into them when they get back, and rubs their divorce in their face. Gael talks about a man he met the other day that he believes to be his soul mate. Mimi gets Ana angry when Xavi cannot, and they say that the man is sexier than him. Rodrigo talks to Isabella about his moustache, which he cannot grow on his own. Isabella makes a joke about Ana based on the moustache, but she isn't there, so she says that they should go find her so she can make the joke where she can hear, which I found hilarious and so true to her character. The cast and crew are building a house for the needy, and the other cast shows up.

Ana lets the other cast help with their volunteering. Ana makes an announcement to the cast that it will be hot, and all the men immediately remove their shirts. This is exactly how telenovela stars would behave, I loved it. Gael discovers that his "soul mate" works on the other show. They are like Romeo and Juliet, or more like Romeo and also Romeo. Ana and her group finally figure out how to use the tools, a joke that I loved, and then they get to work. The other cast works much faster, and steals the show, which Ana becomes upset about.

Xavi decides that he and Ana must face that they were never as good as the other couple is. Isabella tries to prove that the other show's villain's moustache is fake, but it isn't. This was a really funny scene. Ana gets kissed by the man from the other show. Gael goes outside the house and looks for his soul mate, who is on the roof above him. This was hilarious. They both do sit ups together. Ana goes to Mimi, despite it being her stress free day. She tells her about the kiss.

Ana finds the star of the other show and tells her about the kiss. She says that their marriage is a total sham, it is just good for publicity. The two women get into a fight. The other show star sends paint at Ana's white outfit, but Xavi gets in the way. Everyone is happy for Gael and his "soul mate", but when they discover that they don't like each other as much, because their love isn't forbidden. Isabella tells Rodrigo that his moustache is in his heart, and he hugs her. Ana, unrealizing, gets paint on her dress, and it is sort of funny.

While there were some funny moments, there were also some dull ones, and the episode didn't feel all that fulfilling. But, there was a good amount of jokes, so I'll say it was a pretty good episode.

What did you think of "The Rivals"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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