Superstore S1E5 Review

Last week, Superstore aired an episode that was weaker than previous ones. Will this episode be stronger again? Read on for my thoughts!

S1E5 "Shoplifter"

The episode starts with Jonah and Glenn discovering a dead body of an old man in the store, which is very funny. Glenn talks to the workers in the store, asking them if they feel any emotions such as sadness over the death. Garrett says that he feels apathy, and everyone agrees, which is really funny. Glenn wants to have a moment of silence, but Dina says that he can't lead the moment of silence thinking about God, because that would be religion in the workplace. Amy, then, says a few hilarious words about the man who died. Jonah meets Amy's daughter, who criticizes his work and is very funny. She is not supposed to have her daughter at work, though, so they must hide this from Glenn. Dina watches a woman that she is convinced is a shoplifter, and Dina's personality makes this very funny. Glenn wants to talk to Amy, while her kid is hiding, so she kind of refers to her as jewelry, which is pretty entertaining. Cheyenne and Mateo both want the couch that the man died on, as it is the expensive couch. Garrett comes up with a competition, whoever sits on the couch longest wins. This could end up being funny. Dina detains the woman she is convinced shoplifted, but the security camera footage is messed up. Amy's kid had to go to the bathroom. When Jonah checks on her, she tells him she got her first period.

Glenn tells Dina that she needs to let the woman go, and she is about to when the woman insults her, so Dina tears up the contract that was signed. It was sort of funny. Jonah looks for Amy, but can't find her. He does run into Dina, but she is hilariously no help. Dina then compliments herself on her flirting, which is hilarious. Cheyenne is trying to gross out Mateo, but it isn't working. Dina goes to Amy for help, and Amy reluctantly agrees to help her prove the woman is guilty of shoplifting.

Dina's plan is to go good cop/bad cop. Dina sees herself at the good cop, so Amy has to be crazy to match Dina's descriptions. This is very funny. Jonah is looking for what to get to help out Amy's daughter. This is both sort of funny and a little too awkward. Glenn asks Mateo and Cheyenne to go around the store and ask people for donations. He holds out the donation cup for them, and they reach out their hands, but don't get up because they don't want to lose. This was pretty funny. Amy gets very annoyed with the potential shoplifter. Dina and Amy discover that the woman is innocent when they look at the camera in accessories. While the episode started out with a lot of funny moments, they are a lot more spread out now.

Glenn apologizes for Dina and Amy. The woman tells Glenn he has two options, to fire Dina or she will call corporate, and they will fire her. As she is leaving the store, the alarm goes off, and Glenn discovers a Barney DVD that is in her purse. He makes a deal with her, and she goes without charges and Dina stays. The workers end the day by having a ceremony for the dead man, which includes burning the couch. It was a very funny ending.

Overall, this was a really good episode. The beginning and the end were really strong, while the middle was just pretty good.

What did you think of "Shoplifter"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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