Saturday's TCA Coverage: Hulu/ABC/Freeform

This article will be updated with all the latest TCA news! 

First is Hulu...and the news is in! 
Update #1: Hulu makes a deal with Sony, which will soon bring classics like The Shield, Party of Five, Dawson's Creek, and a vast movie library. 
Update #2: The new Hulu original series 11.22.63 premieres on February 15. The panel for the show has commenced. The show is based on the novel from Stephen King. 
Update #3: 11.22.63 is produced by J.J. Abrams, and is starred by James Franco, Sarah Gadon, Chris Cooper, Josh Duhamel, T.R. Knight, and Daniel Webber. 
Update #4: Nostalgia panel with Darren Star, Rob Thomas, and Anthony Zuiker commenced. 
Update #5: Next up is the panel for The Path. The show premieres March 30 on Hulu. 
Update #6: See TCA's tweet here! 

Up next, ABC Studios will have panels and other announcements. 
Update #1: Apparently there is a short break. 
Update #2: Up next, Freeform executive panel. 
Update #3: ABC is reviving The $100,000 Pyramid, with Michael Strahan as host. ABC also renews Celebrity Family Feud for another season. Separate article to follow.
Update #4: Freeform's Recovery Road panel has commenced.
Update #5: Information on Recovery Road. 
Update #6: Shadowhunters panel is set to begin. 
Update #7: Shadowhunters' first season focuses on an arc of the City of Bones.
Update #8: ABC will begin their panel discussions with the cast and producers of the show Of Kings & Prophets at 4:00 p.m. ET/1:00 p.m. PT. Stay tuned!
Update #9: Of Kings & Prophets panel has officially begun! 
Update #10: Below is the tweet from TV Guide. 
Update #11: Here are more tweets.

Update #12: Apparently it's all quiet on Twitter. Secrets & Lies panel just might be coming shortly. Stay tuned!
Update #13: Paul Lee's executive session has commenced. What juicy news do we have in store?
Update #14: Here's a TV Guide tweet.

Update #15: Apparently The Catch has been retooled. Obviously, there must have been some naysayers during the screening of the original pilot.
Update #16: Apparently some news about Castle. Apparently Lee is wanting to let Castle go on for a long time. Here's a tweet from a reporter.

Update #17: Lee also praises Galavant, calls it an adorable show and that its execution is really strong this season. Marvel's Most Wanted is ordered to pilot. There's also an upcoming Madoff miniseries that is co-produced with ABC News. Also, apparently he wasn't pleased with how The Muppets turned out, but still has hopes for it with the retooling.
Update #18: With all the PR promotion, I'm surprised that there is still nothing on Nashville yet. Stay tuned for the latest updates!
Update #19: Apparently, there was news on Nashville. Here's a link from E! Online Canada:
Update #20: Here's another tweet about Nashville, from a reporter.

Update #21: The Family's panel has now commenced.

Update #22: I'm apparently experiencing technical difficulties and have switched back to mobile for the time being. Stay tuned for more TCA updates. 
Update #23: In The Family, the story about the kidnapped son will be resolved quickly throughout the season, but not in the pilot.
Update #24: I'm officially back on my computer! Yay! Hopefully I'll get my Google profile situated soon. Anyways, here's another tweet related to The Family.

Update #25: Uncle Buck panel is underway. Stay tuned!
Update #26: While we are waiting for the Uncle Buck panel, here's a tweet on what Paul Lee said about Quantico.
Update #27: While the Uncle Buck panel begins, here's a link to an article of the future of Once Upon a Time, according to Paul Lee:

Update #28: I'm back on mobile, and here's a screenshot of a tweet I found about Uncle Buck.
Update #29: Another tweet about Uncle Buck. Fun fact: Will Packer is the same creator that brought you the notable NBC flop Truth Be Told. 

Update #30: Here's another tweet about Uncle Buck while we wait for Secrets & Lies panel.

Update #31: Another tweet. And it's about Uncle Buck again.

Update #32: Secrets & Lies panel starts in about 10 minutes. Hopefully there will be news of a return date.

Update #33: Apparently I forgot to refresh on my mobile phone. Bummer! Here's the now deleted tweet that Mr. Edmodo posted.
#SecretsAndLies Season 2 will split point of view as soon as episode 4. More insight in @JulietteLewis's Andrea Cornell as a person. #TCA16

Here is one other tweet.
Update #34: I will take a short break from this live blog. When I come back, I'll have more TCA coverage coming your way! Stay tuned.
Update #35: Break over, now to return with coverage of the ABC TCA panels. During my break, I have missed a panel about The Real O'Neals. I will post some tweets about it as soon as I can. The last panel of the day is American Crime! It's down to the nitty gritty from here on out.
Update #36: Diane Gordon has posted a recap of tweets about The Real O'Neils panel. Here's a slideshow folks!
Update #37: The American Crime panel begins, and they have 14 people for this panel. But here's a sneak peek for tomorrow's CW TCA panels.
Update #38: Since American Crime focuses on the touchy subject of male rape this season, more tweets decide to focus on another aspect of season 2.

Update #39: Some more tweets. The American Crime panel is ending shortly. This live blog post will serve as a recap of the day's events.

Update #40: This is the final update on this blog post. ABC's TCA panel had some surprises, a pilot pickup (Marvel's Most Wanted), and some Paul Lee tidbits that Bill Gorman, aka the TV Grim Reaper would call #PRJedi nonsense. I will post some highlights of his rants shortly, in a separate TCA post. Tomorrow will be the CW panels, and they will take place at 9:00 a.m. PT/12:00 p.m. ET. Stay tuned for more TCA coverage!

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