Superstore S1E6 Review

Superstore has proven to be one of the funniest new shows in a while. Will this episode continue the trend?

S1E6 "Secret Shopper"

At the start of the episode, the group is watching the secret shopper video from another store and Glenn becomes worried about losing his job in the case of a secret shopper shopping in their store. Jonah reveals that he got 100 on the test about the corporate policy, which he insists on annoying Amy about. Dina is determined to discover the secret shopper if there is one, which results in a hilarious scene where she interrogates a shopper. Mateo intervenes when Garrett is trying to show an attractive woman where hats are because she might be the secret shopper and he wants a raise. Garrett gets Mateo paranoid that the secret shopper is actually an employee. Amy doesn't want to move charcoal despite the corporate policy, so Jonah goes to Glenn, which she becomes angry about. Also, there are a few funny quick little scenes about the shoppers, which really adds a lot to the episode.

Dina quizzes a person buying a condolence card, and asks for a death certificate. That scene was hilarious, I loved it. Amy wants to put up signs to let people know about the move of the charcoal, even though hanging flyers is against corporate policy. Mateo believes that Jonah is the secret shopper, and he lets Glenn in on this plan, which leads to a hilarious meeting between Glenn and Jonah. Amy finds out that they met, and she thinks that Jonah was going over her head again, so she has an argument with him over the intercom, which is really funny.

Glenn talks to Amy and gives her the good news that Jonah isn't going to fire her, which she doesn't understand, and is really funny. Dina suspects an old lady buying a bed because she believes that someone with not many years left in them wouldn't buy a bed, which is hilarious. Mateo buys meatballs for Jonah, but Garrett tells him that he doesn't like meatballs, so he takes the meatballs, which is pretty funny, and sends Mateo for cake. Also, he discovers who the secret shopper is. Amy and Jonah fumble with a forklift, which is pretty funny, and they knock a shelf over.

Amy and Jonah talk, and she reveals that she is taking college classes, so that's why she was annoyed with Jonah's bragging. Also, he reveals that he failed out of business school, so he just drove and found Cloud 9, so he applied there. They decide to pretend they didn't cause the mess, but when they get up, Jonah accidentally causes the forklift to go into the store. The episode ends with the group watching the video of the secret shopper, and there are some funny parts in there, especially with Dina's bragging.

I thought that this was the best episode of Superstore yet. It was very funny, a great episode.

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