Super Smoo on The X-Files: Episode 10x01

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Warning: The following review contains instances of the supernatural, conspiracy theories, and the like. Read at your own risk.

10x01- "My Struggle"

So I happened to watch last night's premiere of The X-Files' six episode event series. We are back to the classic Mulder and Scully. Here's a quick rundown on what the first episode contained.

Opening scene contained a voice-over from Mulder as he explains a quick synopsis of The X-Files history, and a UFO that crashes into the Earth.

In the later seasons of the original television classic, Mulder and Scully's platonic friendship became a romantic relationship. We quickly find out that Mulder and Scully have long since broken up and are living separate lives: Scully as a doctor, and Mulder as a skeptic who wants to believe. Then the dynamic duo encounters both an Alex Jones type conspiracy theorist and an alien abductee. Keep in mind that Mulder is crazier than usual and this time he theorizes that men, which are known as the cruelest of creatures, were posing as aliens and were testing alien DNA on humans.

Ultimately this episode poses questions that are pretty messy even to comprehend. Hopefully during the course of this miniseries that these questions will be answered. Unfortunately I could not finish this episode because it left me feeling convoluted at times, and that I had class in the morning. The two night premiere continues tonight at 8:00 pm on FOX.

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