TCA: Bill Gorman and His Many Tweets

I decided to make an additional TCA related post about the character we love and hate at the same time: Bill Gorman, formerly known as The Cancelation Bear, and currently known as the TV Grim Reaper. In typical Jess fashion, I have decided to compile a list of tweets from the Grim Reaper's twitter account. Here is all that he said about the events that happened during ABC's executive panel, as well as other TCA related panel events.

On Person of Interest...
On the historic CW & CBS renewals at the TCA and his non-surprise at the possibility of them happening again...

On Paul Lee and his comments about Nashville and Castle...

What do you think about his comments about Paul Lee's remarks about Castle and Nashville? Is Paul Lee using #PRJedi mind tricks, or is the Reaper too harsh on his assessment? Let me know in the comments below!

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