Sunday Ratings: Quantico Flops Against the World Series

I'm still working on the table. For now, here are the numbers.


America's Funniest Home Videos: 1.0
Once Upon a Time: 1.5
Blood & Oil: 0.8
Quantico: 1.2

Bad night all-around for ABC. Don't expect to see Quantico in the Certain to be Renewed category on Friday--I was cautious about moving it, and now the week I finally do so, it collapses! Of course, there was baseball and football to compete against, but a 1.2 in October is a 1.2 in October, and a fractional number in the spring. The already dead Blood & Oil may have taken it down a little too. Once Upon a Time continues its slump. At this rate, there may be no more than one or two seasons left, as it is no longer up with the rest of ABC's hits (which basically all exist on Wednesday and Thursday now).


60 Minutes: 1.5
Madam Secretary: 1.1
The Good Wife: 0.9
CSI: Cyber: 0.8

Well, 60 Minutes had a respectable number at least. I don't know what CBS is planning on doing next season--based on ratings alone, all of these shows should be gone ASAP. In fact, a case could have been made to answer all three of them last season. I think CBS will finally retire The Good Wife, but after that, who knows? All that can be said is that these Sunday dramas are struggling big time as CBS becomes even less of a competitor on the night.


NFL: 8.3
NFL/The OT: 6.9
World Series Game 5: 5.1/4.8/4.4 (no ratings yet for the 11pm or 12am hour)

If I find them, I will update this post with the 11pm and 12am hours of the World Series, which I suspect will be even higher than a 4.4. It looks like the first hour actually got a little bit of a boost from the NFL. Overall this was a good win for FOX for the World Series ratings-wise, most likely due to both teams having gone about 30 years since winning a series, and one of the markets being New York. The game was a nail biter, and the score does not at all represent how much of a battle this game was.


Football Night in America: 2.8
Football Pre-Game: 5.8
Football: 7.5/7.7/6.5

I'm not sure what to think of the fact that a regular NFL football game still has absolutely no trouble out-rated a World Series baseball game at its finest. While I don't agree of the appeal that football>baseball, it seems like a lot of Americans disagree with me on this. Now if only NBC could get people to watch their scripted shows more--I can't imagine how they'd be doing if it wasn't for promos during the football games.

Overall this was a great night for live sports fans and a terrible night for anyone who watched a scripted broadcast series. Just goes to show that television is increasingly becoming an event watch, whereas people are perfectly content with watching scripted shows on another platform.

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