Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Finale Review

Once again, the season is set to end with a wedding. But, with the people involved in this wedding, anything can happen in the second season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

S2E13 "Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?"

At the beginning of the episode, Rebecca sends a text to her dad just like the one she sent to Josh in the pilot. Some serious parallels between Josh and Rebecca's dad are being drawn here! I hope this means we are getting some serious Rebecca mental health analysis early in season three. The show has a surprising reveal, when a flashback to seven years ago has Rebecca looking like she is going to get married, and saying the name "Robert". Darryl is very excited about the wedding, but white Josh thinks it is a horrible idea. White Josh also reveals that he doesn't really like weddings.

Rebecca's dad shows up, and Rebecca is totally not cool about it. Also, Naomi has some good lines here. Josh is trying to figure out who Robert is, so he talks to Rebecca's dad. He says that it has something to do with Harvard Law, where Rebecca was supposed to go, until something happened. He also says all he knows about Robert is that he isn't supposed to know about him. Rebecca's dad then asks Rebecca for money.

Rebecca talks to Dr. Akopian, because she does sometimes make good decisions. During their eight-minute session, Rebecca had a dissociation, where it is revealed that Robert was a professor who Rebecca had planned to marry, but he decided not to leave his wife. I am loving this Robert mystery, it is very interesting. Josh tries to solve this mystery, so he talks to Naomi, who is obviously lying.

The wedding day arrives. Rebecca is excited, Valencia wants to make sure everything goes right, and Heather has a funny line in response to Valencia saying she will murder Josh's family if he is late. Josh is nervous, so he talks to Father Brah, who says that Josh has a problem of thinking that being with a pretty girl is going to solve all of his problems. Josh plans to talk to Rebecca, but then Trent shows up, giving him a top secret folder. Josh talks to the girl from church about what to do, where he realizes that Father Brah is right.

Darryl and white Josh finally appear again, after not getting much to do in this episode due to how much has to get accomplished. Heather goes meet Josh when he arrives, but Josh doesn't respond, still struggling with whether or not he should open the top secret folder. Also, Valencia and Heather are very funny. I wish this episode had been in two parts, because there is so much here, they could have split it up.

Darryl decides, after seeing white Josh with his daughter, that they should have a baby. I would love that so much. Josh has decided to become a priest, which is a good move for him, but he should have talked to Rebecca about it. I love the fact that Heather screamed at this. Rebecca contemplates why everyone leaves her. When Robert left her, Rebecca ended up getting charged with arson. The defense in court ended up having lines from this season's theme song, and I loved that element. Rebecca finally realizes how horrible her father is, and I loved seeing her ladies stand behind her as she stands up to him. It seems Rebecca is getting better, but she wants to make Josh pay, and I fear that now she may be repeating what happened with Robert.

And now for my thoughts on the songs of the episode:

What a Rush to be a Bride: As season two has done many times, this song explored a different genre than the show usually does. I sort of enjoyed this, but I think it might be better if the show doesn't do this type of song again.

Rebecca's Reprise: This song took parts of four past songs, and I loved it. It showed Rebecca's delusion that everything is going right very well.

So, is Josh still going to be in the main cast of this show? Is he going to depart early next season, like Greg this season? And, if so, can white Josh please, please be main cast? I loved this episode, and I can't believe that our wait for season three is probably going to be a little over eight months!

Score: 10/10

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