The Middle S8E4 Review

This week, Brick tries to fit in and Sue doesn't know what to do about Jeremy.

S8E4 "True Grit"

Brick decides to make the most of high school, which is pretty funny. He then loses his one friend from his hilarious font club. Brick attempts to learn how to talk to football players, and Mike's attempt to explain a joke to him is hilarious.

Sue has to deal with her horrible room, and that is really funny. Then, she takes Axl's advice in trying to get Jeremy to break up with her. Sue finally goes to break up with Jeremy, and it is really funny when she explains why she isn't a sponge.

Frankie returns a piece of underwear she accidentally bought saying "I'd hit that," but she gets offended and ends up buying even more, which is really funny. She hilariously then tries to explain why she has the underwear when she falls on the treadmill.

Sue's story had some good moments, but wasn't the funniest, while Brick and Frankie were very funny.

Score: 8.5/10

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