The Good Place S1E9 (Fall Finale) Review

It's the fall finale of the good place! I am excited to see where the show goes with tonight's episode and the rest of the season.

S1E9 "...Someone Like Me as a Member"

Michael tries to negotiate with the bad place people, and it is really funny what they want to do with a unicorn. In flashback, Eleanor doesn't want to be a part of any group in high school. I feel like there may be some hints at some problems of Eleanor's past.

There is a funny little scene between Janet and Jianyu/Jason where he hugs her, and I really enjoyed it. People from the bad place are hilarious as the party, and they are snorting the concept of time.

Chidi and Eleanor have a great moment when he tells her that they are a team still, even though on Earth Eleanor did not like teams. Eleanor really shows how she has changed since arriving in the good place. The episode ends with Tahani having discovered that Jason isn't Jianyu, giving the show an obvious direction for the rest of the season.

This was probably the least funny episode of the season so far, but it had some good story moments.

Score: 7/10

What did you think of "...Someone Like Me as a Member"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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