Superstore S2E7 Review

While election season seems to drag on, and most can't wait for the election to be over, the election does bring good entertainment, and this year Superstore gets the chance to do an election-themed episode.

S2E7 "Election Day"

At the start of the episode, Glenn and Dina bicker about getting prepared for Election Day at Cloud 9, which is really funny. After spilling coffee on ballots, Glenn and Dina work to dry the ballots, and Dina has a great line about being God.

Glenn and Dina try to cover their tracks, and it is really funny when Cheyenne sees them, and then there is a hilarious line about how she is either playing dumb or just dumb. Glenn worries about going to prison, and it is really funny when he talks to Marcus about prison. Glenn and Dina are hilarious when they both try to record the other admitting what they did.

Mateo and Cheyenne talk, and Cheyenne is hilarious in how dumb she is. I also loved her lines about how she is allowed to drink (despite not being old enough to vote) and how her baby doesn't have any friends. It is really funny when Mateo tries to take Amy's "I voted" sticker, and ends up touching her breast.

Amy and Jonah are annoyed the corporate has given them voter guides that are misleading, and some of the quotes from the guide are really funny. Amy and Jonah talk, admitting they like each other better than they did at first, but then a girl Jonah is seeing shows up. It is really funny when Marcus forces Myrtle to vote.

Amy and Jonah weren't as funny this week, but they still had a couple of good moments, while the rest of the episode was perfect.

Score: 9/10

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