Mom S4E2 Review

Rosie O'Donnell returns to Mom this week, which is sure to be funny as it was last time she appeared on the show.

S4E2 "Sword Fights and a Dominican Shortstop"

Bonnie and Christy are running late for a meeting, and it is really funny when Marjorie tells Bonnie it's ok if they are late because of Christy because she is doing so much more than Bonnie. Then, Bonnie is shocked when her former lesbian lover shows up. It is really funny when Jill and Wendy claim that they relate with Jeanine. At coffee, Marjorie and Jeanine hilariously try to top each other. Bonnie tries to claim that she knew how to tell when Christy is lying, as Jeanine does, and this is pretty funny.

Christy goes to Marjorie about her decision between law and real estate, and there is a hilarious joke about how God was tough on his own kid. Meanwhile, Adam is curious about Bonnie and Jeanine's relationship, which is hilarious as well. Christy and Bonnie try praying, and it is hilarious when Bonnie suggests trying Satan, and then Christy goes to the other side of the bed. The end of Bonnie and Adam's story is really funny, as Adam suggests a threesome, and eventually the tables get turned.

The first half of the episode was good, but the second half was great. Bonnie and Adam were especially funny.

Score: 9/10

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