Frequency S1E5 Review

You know what, f*** it. I know the ratings for this show are dangerously low, but I don't care. Frequency had one of the best pilots of the fall season and is still keeping up its quality. As of now I have decided to review Frequency, mostly due to my fascination with time travel and complex storylines. So I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

S1E5 'Seven Three'

For the uninitiated, Frequency is about Raimi Sullivan, a NYPD detective who manages to contact her long deceased father Frank via an old Ham radio

As for a general recap, here's what happened in the first 4 episodes:
Raimi successfully convinces her father about the newly formed supernatural connection and warns him of his upcoming death due to getting sold out by his corrupt friend Stan Moreno during an undercover operation. Frank listens to her but in doing so alters the timeline featuring changes such as:
1. Raimi's boyfriend Daniel no longer knows who she is
2. Frank goes onto being Raimi's superior in her police precinct but dies a few years prior to the start of the show in a car accident
3. The Nightingale killer, a minor criminal is now the most wanted serial kilin New York.
4. Raimi's mother Julie is dead instead of her father in the new timeline. She became a victim of the Nightingale killer since she was a nurse, the common link among all the Nightingale's victims. She goes missing on January 10th 1997 and her body is only found in 2016

Instead of trying to fix the timeline, the main story focuses on Raimi and Frank working together to save Julie. So far they initially thought that a teenager named Matthew Goff was the Nightingale, but that proved to be wrong after Goff died in 1996 but Julie wasn't resurrected. In episode 4, they learn that one of his victims wasn't a nurse and that she was being stalked many weeks before the victim's murder. It seems to me like they still have a long way to go.

Now let's move onto this week's episode. It starts with a guy getting murdered (every cop show ever). The victim turns out to be a special case for Raimi since she remembers dealing with him in both the old and new timeline. In the old timeline, the victim was murdered after killing his girlfriend in 2008 but in the new timeline the victim was arrested by Raimi and Frank for the same crime, only to be killed in 2016 after being released from prison.

Even though the Nightingale is their main priority, it felt refreshing to see Raimi and Frank work on another case together but it was pretty one sided since Frank was mostly dealing with his marital problems with Julie while Raimi focused on the case in 2016. It does make sense since the incident hadn't happened to Frank yet but still he didn't feel too important to me until the end.

Showing how both sides of the case were handled in 2008 was pretty cool. Though i hope this doesn't happen too often, I would like to see this form of storytelling in the near future once again. It also showed how different Frank and Stan worked with Raimi, with Stan being cold and distant while Frank was warm and supportive to Raimi. To be honest the biggest surprise of this episode was the revelation that Stan was her superior in the old timeline. This was one of the biggest developments in the episode. My favourite scene was when Raimi met the detective she forgot she had a relationship with in the new timeline. But I think every scene which features Frank hanging out with Young Raimi are sweet and are some of the highlights of every episode

Overall this was a great episode, but I hope they get back to business next week. I'm pretty sure we won't find out who the Nightingale is anytime soon but I love a good twist in any tale. I just hope we get some valuable information before the season finale.

Quote of the week: "Better to be judged by 12 than be carried by 6."

[Note: For a more in depth analysis of the Renew cancel status of this show, check out the Disqus comments below.]

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