Polls: Predict the 2016 Election Winners

With the election approaching, I thought it would be fun to predict the winners of some elections this year. Since there's 50 states voting in the presidential election and 34 states in Senate races, I'll only include polls for those races that are considered close. Remember, these are who you think will win these elections, not necessarily who you'd like to see win. And let's not talk politics in the comments. This is just for fun.

Presidential Election:

Control of the Senate:

Control of the House of Representatives:

Pennsylvania Senate Election:

New Hampshire Senate Election:

Missouri Senate Election:

Nevada Senate Election:

Indiana Senate Election:

North Carolina Senate Election:

Florida Senate Election

Wisconsin Senate Election

Florida Presidential Election:

Nevada Presidential Election:

Ohio Presidential Election:

Arizona Presidential Election:

North Carolina Presidential Election:

If you'd like to predict the results of these elections (and more) in the comments section, feel free to.

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