Saturday Night Live Report Card: Season 42 Episode 2- Lin-Manuel Miranda

SNL's premiere was very good. Let's see if Lin-Manuel Miranda (someone I really wanted to see host) can also host a great show. And a quick question: How many times will they have him sing tonight?

Cold Open: VP Debate

Right off the bat, Melissa Villasenor's opening was great. Then they brought out Kaine and Pence and... Well, Beck Bennett was a great Pence. Thank God that they went to a CNN Special Report.  We got to see more of Baldwin's Trump. I loved his "insults" at prominent Republicans, such as John McCain (coward), Carly Fiorina (a 4), and Mike Crapo (more like Crap-o). Then Trump states his preyers for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Then we see him talking about how he wishes he was the Hurricane. Then they flash to Hillary Clinton's Headquarters. Everyone is so happy. Hillary tries so hard to pretend that this leak made her sad. It really didn't.
Score: 9.5
Grade: A

Lin-Manuel Miranda Monologue:

Ok, I'll admit it: I've never seen Hamilton. But I really want to, so maybe in 5 years? To be honest, this monologue was fine. The best parts were Lin-Manuel making fun of Trump, and Lorne asking for Hamilton tickets. I still enjoyed this, but, like many episodes, the monologue wasn't great.
Score: 6

Campfire Singalong:

I honestly can't explain it, but I really enjoyed this. The sheer oddness of this sketch was entertaining. The fact Mooney and Bayer(welcome back, Vanessa!)'s characters didn't know that A) Cecily Strong's character did not like them B) They are horrible singers C) They are awful impressionists and D) They sing with the strangest accent ever, was awesome. I loved that Lin-Manuel's character actually liked them, too. Because that just doesn't seem possible. Also, WTF? Why are you calling each other "babe"? YOU'RE BROTHER AND SISTER!
Score: 8
Grade: B+

Crucible Cast Party:

I always love when they do musical shorts. Because they're always great. "This is Not a Feminist Song" is one of my favorite in recent memory. This one wasn't as strong as some of the others, but is was still good. I enjoyed Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant's characters the most. Those two are always great, especially in these musical shorts.
Score: 8
Grade B+

Substitute Teacher:

Leslie Jones was great in the start of this sketch. I loved that she yelled at the kids because of their Axe Body Spray. Then Lin-Manuel's substitute teacher comes in, and he tries everything to teach them through hip-hop. But they aren't having it. Pete Davidson was great in this, as was Kenan Thompson. Then Leslie comes in and yells at Lin-Manuel for trying to "touch a student." He replies that he tried to touch all of the students. He is then kicked out.
Score: 8
Grade B+

"A Day Off" with Kellyanne Conway:

YES! We get to see more of Kate's Kellyanne Conway impression. This was just so great. Because it's so true. She can't go one day without Trump doing something stupid. I mean, just let the poor woman paint in peace! And the end was so great "What do you want me to say? Yes, he said that. He's crazy! He's the worst person I've ever known." Just let it out, Kellyanne. Just let it out.
Score: 10
Grade A+

Weekend Update:

As a Pennsylvanian, I really loved that dig at Penn State. Because I heard about that scandal for like a year straight.  And I loved that Tic-Tac's joke. And all the Trump jabs. And then Pete Davidson comes out. I'm glad we got to see him talk again, but it seemed really short for some reason. And then we get Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon to come out as two women from Pennsylvania. I loved when they talked about the Mummers Parade. And when Tina said that Hillary should have "finished the job." And when she talked about Mike Pence. Tina did great, but Jimmy seemed a little off.
Score: 8
Grade B+

The Music Man:

This was okay. I really could have done without it, but it was cute. Kate McKinnon nailed it again, as was the highlight for me.  This just fell flat. It's really unfortunate because it had some promise.
Score: 6
Grade: C-

Diego Calls His Mom:

This was a nice little sketch. It wasn't anything groundbreaking, but it was nice. I liked how he described all of the foods in North Dakota. And all of the Walmarts we have. And also, Marshmallow Salad.
Score: 6.5
Grade: C

Stranger Things:

Well, I JUST watched Stranger Things (I just finished it Friday), so this was nice. I loved that we finally see Lucas's parents. Like, where were they during the entire show? And then they brought out Joyce, and that was great (Melissa Villaseñor killed it tonight). And then we got Eleven to come out. And then Lucas's mom scared the crap out of Eleven (and me). And I loved how scared they were of the police chief. And he brought El her Eggos. This was just so awesome.
Score: 10
Grade: A+

Melania Moments #2:

I love that this is already a recurring sketch. Because they're so short and sweet. I loved that she woke up sensing that her replacement was just born. And that she needed to find her and banish her to the woods. For her sake.
Score: 8.5
Grade: B+

WWII Scene:

This was odd. But strangely funny. Pete Davidson's character has so much to hide. His life was just so embarrassing. And then he died looking so sassy. His song was just so bad. I'm sorry.
Score: 7.5
Grade: B-

Grade: B
Pass or Fail: Pass
MVP of the Week: Kate McKinnon (again)
The "Unsung Hero" Award- Pete Davidson
Sketch of the Night: "A Day Off" with Kellyanne Conway
Worst of the Night: The Music Man
Lin-Manuel Miranda Singing Tally: 6

Top 5 Hosts of the Season:
1) Margot Robbie
2) Lin-Manuel Miranda

This was a good episode. It had some great moments (Kellyanne Conway, Stranger Things) and weaker moments (the Monologue, The Music Man), but it was good. I'm excited for next week's episode. And especially excited for the Tom Hanks episode in two weeks.

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