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The Middle begins 2016 with Sue attempting to join a sorority. This is sure to be hilarious, but how was the episode as a whole? Read on for my thoughts!

S7E11 "The Rush"

At the start of the episode, Sue is planning on trying to get into a sorority, which means some hilarious moments, such as Frankie's life advice for Sue. Axl is planning on interviewing for internships, so Mike offers for Axl to work with him at a convention for his and Rusty's diaper idea. Axl has trouble, and Mike realizes that he is very behind in the social media aspect of business, which is very funny and a great set-up. Sue's sorority hopes are not looking good, as her most interesting story is about a mystery poop. Frankie is shocked when Brick goes pants shopping without her, and she has some funny lines.

After Sue trips, the girl who sat next to her helps her up. She tells Sue that she is her rush buddy, and she really likes Sue because she is funny and different. Axl prepares for a Skype interview, and he helps Mike set up a Twitter. Mike talks to an emotional Frankie, and she is being emotional about last times. Sue finds out which sororities have asked her back, and she is excited that she has some. Her rush buddy advises her not to fall in love with one too quickly, but this is Sue we're talking about, she is quickly sold on one. Frankie goes into Brick's bedroom as he is sleeping and cuddles with him, which is a hilarious scene. He agrees to go bowling with her.

Mike is enjoying Twitter, where he is insulting people. Sue and her rush buddy talk, and Sue is convinced that this is the Year of Sue. How many times has she declared a year the Year of Sue? I love how this joke is still going on. Axl gets mad at Mike for getting in a Twitter war, and the person he is arguing with tweets their phone number. Sue hilariously starts crying and blows out her candle at some sorority event where they are reading a story.

The phones are still ringing in the Heck household. Mike asks Axl how his interview went, and he reveals that he got accepted. Axl also admits that it was difficult for him to figure out Twitter, it took him a whole ten minutes. I loved that line. Sue and her rush buddy prepare to open their envelopes. The friend opens hers first, and discovers that she didn't get in. Sue decides not to join a sorority. Her friend insists that she opens her envelope, and they discover that Sue didn't get in either, though at first the friend thinks that Sue is lying, which is very funny. Then Sue hilariously gives her friend advice for rejection. Frankie ended up going bowling with Brick, those his friend came along, and they didn't really acknowledge her, but she decides that she will enjoy being their chauffeur. It was a great ending.

Overall, the episode was really good, especially Sue.

What did you think of "The Rush"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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