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Will Modern Family start off the new year strong? Read on for my thoughts on the first episode of 2016!

S7E10 "Playdates"

The episode begins with the Dunphy kids forgetting about a coupon they gave Mitch for his birthday, so Haley gives him the omelet she was making, and Luke makes up a hilarious omelet dance. Haley and Alex discuss what to do, and Haley becomes distracted when she remembers that she was supposed to be cat sitting, and she has a hilarious line about how long cats can go without food. Cam believes that Lily has a crush on the son of their new upstairs neighbors from Canada. Cam hilariously recounts his first crush, which was on a statue. Claire and Phil go to lunch with rich friends, and Claire tells Phil not to reach for the bill, because he always does. Gloria and Jay prepare for a playdate with Joe, and the dad of the kid is supposed to be similar to Jay. The parents arrive, and the dad is old, which is hilarious. Haley drives Mitch somewhere, as Alex and Luke try to get Mitch to guess where they are going to get ideas. I loved Luke's line about Mitch thinking, and the sharp turns.

The kids try to come up with "gay things" to do with Mitch, and they find a list of stars houses that he would love. Claire keeps Phil from reaching for the bill when it arrives, and the man from the other couple goes to the bathroom. This storyline isn't very funny, I haven't gotten a single laugh out of it yet. Jay tries to prove that he is not as old as the friend's dad, which is a little funny. Cam gives Lily advice for talking to the boy, which is hilarious, as they are typical adult tips. The kids bring Mitch to what they believe to be Barbara Streisand's house, but it is actually Ray Liotta's house.

Ray takes a selfie with the group, and the kids have no idea who he is. Alex admits that they had nothing planned, and Mitch admits he knew that by the second verse of the omelet song. Ray then tells Mitch he will take him to Barbara's house. Cam discovers that Lily's crush is actually on the dad, which is hilarious. Gloria confronts Jay about his behavior, and she reveals that she is the oldest mom in the class, and that's why she wants to be friends with this mom, she is the other oldest mom. Phil ends up revealing that the reason that he wants to pay the bill is that he lost a bet and has to pay for five meals. The bet, it turns out, was who could get their wife to eat more crickets. The wives then threaten them, and leave. What I'm wondering is, why did the rich wife never pay the bill? This is 2016, a wife can pay the bill. Anyway, Ray takes Mitch to Barbara's house, and he gets to talk to her on the gate speaker. She won't sing to him, but Mitch says that when he tells the story, it ends with her singing Happy Birthday.

While I enjoyed the scenes of the Dunphy kids and Mitch and of Cam and Lily, I felt like the rest of the episode lacked. Overall, though, it was still a good episode.

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