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Brooklyn Nine-Nine moves back to Tuesday this week. I am sure that it will take its funny with it back to its original day of the week, but read my review to find out what I thought about this week's episode.

S3E11 "Hostage Situation"

The episode starts with Holt bumping into a person dancing in the street, which leads to Holt showing him how it's done. This is funny in itself, but it gets funnier when Jake tries to film this, but his phone is dead, and Boyle drops his phone. This was an amazing teaser. Boyle and his girlfriend of three months tell Jake that they are wanting to have a baby, which is very typical Boyle. Holt and Rosa try to intimidate a suspect, but he will only talk to Gina. Amy asks Terry to fill out a recommendation for her, and she does so in the most Amy way possible, which is entertaining. Then, she accidentally breaks his nose. Boyle's ex-wife shows up, and reveals that she legally owns the sperm he saved when he got a vasectomy, so she took it out of storage, and the only way she will give it back the sperm is if he convinces a man she hit with her car to drop his case against her. Jake excitedly sees this as a hostage situation.

Jake and Boyle talk, and he reveals that the one thing he won in the divorce is their hairdresser, which results in some funny lines, so they decide to use that as a bargaining chip. They use it to get up to her apartment. Meanwhile, Amy makes things worse as she gives Terry tea that makes his nose burn, then spills it on him. This was sadly predictable. Holt and Rosa let the suspect talk to Gina, and while she thinks that he wants to talk to her because she isn't a cop, it's because he knew her from high school. Jake tries to steal a container of Boyle's sperm, but it turns out to be a fake. His ex reveals that there are two containers, and she destroys one.

Boyle reveals that he is going to intimidate the old man to get his sperm back, and handcuffs Jake so that he won't stop him. Amy gets rejected from the program, and automatically assumes that this is the result of Terry's recommendation, but he reveals that he wrote her a great recommendation. Gina talks to the suspect again, and asks him some hilarious unrelated questions. Jake chases down Boyle when he gets free, and it is a very funny scene. Jake brings Boyle back to the precinct and locks him up, but when he releases him, Boyle runs off again. Terry reveals to Amy that he went to extra lengths, and she has been accepted into the program, again very expected. Rosa reveals that she got the suspect to confess after they bonded over their mutual hatred of Gina. I loved the line about how Gina once called her Gina, that's her own name! It was a great conclusion. Boyle revealed that they are looking at donor options, and one happens to be Jake's dad, which Boyle wants to use, but Jake hates the idea of. It was a great and fitting ending.

Though Amy and Terry's storyline showed a predictable path, the others were great. Overall, this was a very good episode.

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