CBS Renew/Cancel (9/21-10/3): What Shall CBS Franchise Next? More Taco Bell Restaurants?


Week 2 of the 2021-22 season featured three more additions to the lineup as CBS unveiled Friday dramas SWAY, Magnum PI and Blue Bloods to modest results.  While the network is delivering stable, it seems a bit predictable their procedural lineup shall soon have 3 entries of NCIS FBI and reboot franchises monopolizing their schedule.  And even dormant CSI has another spawn arriving this season.  One must ask if ratings continue to disintegrate, will parent company Viacom reach past television and finance their network with fast-food franchises.  Imagine NCIS: LA which 50% of their commercial space features their commercials, and product placement with its side players chowing down on their gourmet menu.  With that silliness aside, let's break down the entries on display on the schedule.


SWAT returned to a sizable 0.45 rating for its 5th season, but caution is heeded as it is on the move this season and only enjoying temporary shelter on Fridays.  Trailing after was the 4th season opener of Magnum PI, which dropped noticeably to 0.39.  While these entries are passable for Friday evening, the last two seasons have featured shocking axings of MacGyver and Hawaii 5-O after renewals were predicted.  Friday evenings will be watched for performance this season as CBS has seemingly reverted back to dispensing a show a season.


Blue Bloods entered the arena with a respectable 0.42 rating.  However, it is in its 12th season and is recently tying Dateline NBC.  The show performs strong leaving it in the Likely Renewal category though the age may be a risk factor.  NCIS: Hawaii managed to retain most of its audience, but still rates a solid two tenths below parent show NCIS.  In encouraging news, FBI: International built on fellow sequel FBI: Most Wanted's disastrous 0.14 drop with a 0.54, outrating by two thousandths.


Little is to be discussed in this category as the strongest reside here.  However, FBI: Most Wanted dropped 0.14 to a 0.52 rating, indicating there could be trouble.  The series is in its 3rd season, demonstrating stronger renewal odds.  However, prior rules of "4 seasons" or "100 episodes" have gone out the window in today's current television climate.  For now, FBI: International shall remain parked unless drops continue.

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