2021-22 Sitcom Scorecard (9/21-10/14): CBS Finally Has a Hetty to Write Home About as Ghosts Soars

Welcome back the Sitcom Scorecard.  Look at the entries below and ask "is this an appetizer card until the main course is served?"  Given the state of Broadcast Television losing clout, order up as many sides as one can and prepare to eat before one attends the sitcom party begins.  FOX falsely would appear to be the primary contributor for this party.  Keep in mind their Sunday offerings are like a pasta or ziti dish.  Filling, but leaves guests inflated with gas from NFL fun.

The primary contributor to this week's main course is CBS, who defied their reputation of gas-filled laugh tracks and delivered some protein to the current season's scrapings.  All knew The Neighborhood and Young Sheldon would anchor down the lineup as both came neck to neck last season as the sitcom heavyweights.  

Challenging them with fresh energy is Ghosts, a sitcom which seems (welcome) but misplaced for the lineup.  More fit for Comedy Central, Ghosts is void of a laugh track, family premise or cozy coffee house for a comfy run of the mill setting.  Equipped with ghosts ranging decades from a nordic Viking to a 90's pantsless partyt-boy, the standalone talent is Rebecca Wisocky's Hetty, a 2-century old presence who has proven the anchor of the freshman sitcom who helped the freshman series rise after premiere night.  Thanks to her Puritanical presence, the series glows as a Likely renewal if it continues to tug at Grey's Anatomy's falling empire.

Elsewhere, United States of Al grows out of Young Sheldon's premiere drop, and B-Positive is level-ish with their finale.  CBS located stability, at least for this week.

As for ABC, is the greatest laugh held with the veterans, or the dropping ratings?  Following George Segal's passing earlier in 2021, most would predict The Goldbergs is in the victory lap season.  Either the series resurged, or the remainder of ABC's comedies have crumbled.  The Conners is sturdy, but Wonder Years has failed to demonstrate.  As for Home Economics?  The drop leaves room for few excuses. 

Evaluate the table below and weigh in


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