CBS Renew/Cancel (9/21 - 10/25) -- Full Season Pickups Move Ghosts and Others to Certain Renewal

Full-season pickups were offered to Ghosts, FBI: International and NCIS: Hawaii.  Smart decisions, as all are performing above bar or higher in their respective timeslots.  NCIS: Hawaii manages to easily retain its position leading its timeslot against ABC's weakened Good Doctor and NBC's failing Ordinary Joe.  Over on Tuesday, FBI: International manages the same anomaly against ABC's misfired Queens and NBC's stalling New Amsterdam.  Both procedural spinoffs debuted with compatible lead-ins and performed above-bar in difficult 10:00 timeslots, indicating the audience is interested.  Both have been upgraded the Certain Renewal.

The same fortunes have also been handed to Ghosts, easily the most successful sitcom to debut since The Neighborhood joined the ranks in 2018.  An upgrade the Certain Renewal was expected and overdue as this series managed to capture the second node in the Thursday sitcom block's 9:00 raises.

Unfortunately, United States of Al has earned a downgrade to On The Bubble.  Though it outrates B-Positive, it holds two powerful leads as its neighbor and hasn't demonstrated it has the strength to hold its own away from Young Sheldon and Ghosts.

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