Paramount Plus Renew/Cancel: Star Trek: Prodigy Makes A Dent Ahead Of Premiere

Below is a table of audience demand multipliers as reported by Parrot Analytics for Paramount Plus’ original series, Viacom’s streaming service. A 1.0 multiplier is the average for all shows past and present, and is updated on a rolling 30-day basis. The numbers seen in this table are as reported on October 11, 2021. Let us know what you think by leaving a reaction and comment!

Why Women Kill
It’s been over two months since Why Women Kill wrapped up its second season, and there has still been no word on if there would be a third. Given it went the entirety of 2020 of not airing a new episode, it’s not tough to imagine there isn’t much of a rush to produce a third season in the immediate future. I still would not be surprised if it comes back by early 2023 due to its solid demand and international appeal. 

Rugrats & Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years
Both originally scheduled to air on Nickelodeon, Rugrats and Kamp Koral have been renewed based off their performances on Paramount Plus. In fact, Viacom has only recently begun airing Kamp Koral on Nickelodeon. Kamp Koral is a massive disappointment compared to SpongeBob SquarePants itself, being one of the lowest-demanded scripted originals on Paramount Plus. However, it still did enough to be renewed as predicted. Rugrats has an audience demand higher than the vast majority of other kids cartoons on streaming services, and its renewal demonstrates its ability to connect with a new generation of kids. It certainly didn’t break out in the way that the iCarly revival did, but it can be considered a win nonetheless for Paramount Plus. 

Star Trek: Prodigy
While it has not yet premiered, Viacom is so high on the chances of Star Trek: Prodigy becoming a hit that they’ve already renewed it. Expect that 2.4 multiplier to rise substantially within a month after premiering on October 28. It is not far-fetched to assume it will lead Paramount Plus in audience demand in the Kids category by the end of November. 

Tooning Out The News
At long last, an audience demand multiplier is available for Tooning Out The News. Currently at a 1.7, Tooning Out The News looks far from stellar, but it does appear to be on the cheaper side to produce given how quickly Paramount Plus churns out new episodes. It would be helpful to know what the audience demand was when Viacom renewed it the first time around, but for now I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and predicting it will be renewed again. 

No Activity
Being at such an abysmally low audience demand and over four months since the most recent season’s finale, No Activity is the only show currently predicted to be canceled. A renewal would be a true testament to its cost to produce, or lack thereof. 

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