TVRG Productions October News Day: Coach Garry Return Date, Bullpen/Put Me In Hybrid Spinoff Announced

 Welcome to TVRG Productions October News Day! Every month, TVRG Productions keeps you updated with some of the feature’s happenings. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment and reaction!

Coach Garry Return Date
Coach Garry will return with the remainder of Season 1 on Friday, November 5, and run through Friday, December 17. An additional script will be posted on Saturday, November 6. 

Bullpen/Put Me In Hybrid Spinoff

A spinoff of both The Bullpen and Put Me In will come to TVRG Productions in 2022. Titled Farm Team, will follow the fictional minor league baseball team, the Fisher Fishers. Teammates come from various backgrounds: some rising stars, some recovering from injuries, and some wash-ups. The series finale of Put Me In on Friday, October 29 and the season finale of The Bullpen on Saturday, October 30 both set up the spinoff. 

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