Raymond Island Season 3 Episode 5 - I’m Not A Witch (Midseason Finale)

Raymond Island Season 3, Episode 5

Emotionally Taxing

Gretchen walks into her front door.

Gretchen: Oh, it feels so good to be home.

Lucinda: Oh, good, you’re home. You can help us decorate.

Gretchen: Help you decorate what?

Lucinda: The house. For Halloween

Gretchen: You’re joking, right?

Christina: Come on, mom! We always go all-out decorating the place for Halloween!

Gretchen: I know that, but you know that’s a job for you and your grandmother. Your father and I work too hard to have to come home and worry about that.

Lucinda: It’s not work if you’re having fun!

Gretchen: You think being governor is fun?

Lucinda: I mean decorating!

Gretchen: Okay, let me rephrase that. You think decorating with you is fun?

Lucinda: I am very fun!

Gretchen: You… you are?

Lucinda: Yes! What about me is not fun?

Gretchen: Your personality, for starters.

Lucinda: You would really speak that way to your own mother? That is horrifying!

Christina: Mom, could you at least hold the ghost garland while I hang it on the mantle. Grandma’s not tall enough.

Lucinda: I’m taller than you!

Christina: Ah, grandma. It’s nice to dream.

Lucinda: I am! You just wear heels all the time while I wear sensible Dr. Scholl’s slippers.

Gretchen: I will help you with the garland since you don’t seem to trust your grandmother with it.

Lucinda: How could she not trust me?

Gretchen: I’m ignoring that. Anyway, I will only help with this. I have work to do.

Christina: That’s fine, it’s all I need help with. Grandma and I can handle the rest.

One hour later…

Anthony: Wow, this place looks incredible!

Toby: I love the hanging witch on the porch!

Gretchen: I think that’s just your grandma.

Lucinda: I’m right here, thank you very much! And I’m not a witch!

Christina: Mom vowed that she wouldn’t help me decorate and yet, here she is. I appreciate it, though! We’re getting done in record time!

Anthony: I have never seen a house with more Halloween decorations than ours.

Gretchen: Most people save up their energy to go all-out for Christmas. Not us!

Christina: I’m still in competition with the DeFazios up the street. Every year, they have to try and one-up me. They are obsessed with me!

Anthony: Honey, are you sure they aren’t just fans of Halloween?

Christina: No, that doesn’t make any sense.

Anthony: So you’re the only person who likes Halloween enough to decorate for it?

Gretchen: Don’t reason with her, honey. She’s just far too competitive to think logically about this.

Toby: I think our house looks spooky!

Christina: Spooky? It’s supposed to look outright terrifying!

Anthony: A house doesn’t need to be scary to have the Halloween spirit!

Christina: Grandma, can we run to the store for some new Halloween decorations? I clearly need to add to the display if it’s only “spooky.”

Lucinda: Don’t you have a driver’s license?

Christina: Who do you think I am, Olivia Rodrigo?

Lucinda: Who?

Gretchen: Christina, don’t reference any young celebrities around your grandmother. You know her brain can’t take it.

Anthony: I can take you to the store if you want.

Christina: I can just order online, they do overnight shipping now.

Anthony: Well, with that out of the way, do you need any help here?

Christina: No, I think we’re good with just mom, grandma and I.

Gretchen: Do you?

Lucinda: I agree, I don’t think we need Anthony’s help.

Anthony: I really am willing to help! I think it’ll be fun!

Toby: I can help too!

Anthony: Family decorating time?

Gretchen: How about you guys help them and I go do that work I was supposed to start on an hour ago?

Anthony: If that helps you, no objections from me.

Gretchen: Thank you for being so nice and understanding. I wish everyone else was like you.

Toby: I’m understanding and nice!

Gretchen: Yes, Toby. You are. I was referring to -

Lucinda: He knows who you were referring to!

Gretchen: How could I ever be under the impression that you aren’t nice?

Lucinda: I was referring to Christina.

Toby: You’re right, she’s not nice.

Christina: You little…

Anthony: Oh, the magic of Halloween.

There is a knock at the door.

Gretchen: I wonder who that could be. No one ever visits us. For good reason.

Toby: I bet it’s Michael Myers!

Christina: Like he’d knock.

Toby: He might!

Gretchen: Why does Toby know who Michael Myers is?

Christina: Kids these days!

Gretchen: Did you watch Halloween with him?

Toby: Yes! It was awesome!

Gretchen: Why could I not have children who were into Hallmark films instead of… this?

Christina: If you wanted that, you should’ve raised us as evangelicals. Or let us hang out with our divorced middle-aged neighbor Debbie.

Toby: I miss Debbie.

Gretchen: Debbie went to a nice farm upstate.

Christina: Oh my god, mom! Did you kill Debbie?

Toby: Why would mom kill Debbie?

Gretchen: No! She just moved to a farm in Smithfield.

Lucinda: Oh my god! Is someone going to answer the damn door?

Gretchen: That’s right, I forgot about that.

Gretchen opens the door.

Christina: Is it a killer, mom?

Gretchen: No, it’s just Carol.

Carol: “Just Carol?” I feel so loved.

Gretchen: What are you doing here, Carol? Shouldn’t you be at home?

Susana: We should be, but…

Gretchen: Oh, hi Susana! Wait… where are you?

Susana: I’m behind this hanging witch thing.

Gretchen: That witch has been quite the conversation starter today.

Carol: Anyway, we were driving home from the grocery store when Susana saw something on her phone that we thought you should see.

Gretchen: And that is…?

Carol: Show her.

Susana pulls out her phone.

Gretchen: Is that… is that a video of me as a witch flying on a broom?

Susana: It’s a TikTok, but yes.

Gretchen: A what?

Carol: Come on, Gretchen. You have to know TikTok!

Gretchen: Is it some sort of clock?

Susana: It’s short videos like this one I just showed you.

Gretchen: Oh.

Christina: She’s just now learning how to use Instagram, give her some time.

Lucinda: Even I know TikTok!

Gretchen: You do?

Lucinda: Yes!

Carol: Anyway, this sort of video is a trend on TikTok. Apparently one of the influencers on there thinks you look like a witch so a bunch of people are now posting videos with your face on top of various witchcraft-related videos. Susana, show her the Bewitched video.

Susana: That’s my favorite one.

Gretchen: Bewitched?

Susana: It’s your face on the body of the lady from Bewitched -

Lucinda: Put some respect on the name of Elizabeth Montgomery.

Susana: Anyway, you are zipping through the sky on a broom as the Bewitched theme song plays.

Christina: What’s Bewitched?

Lucinda: Now you know how I feel when you’re talking about all your young person things.

Gretchen: So what do you want me to do about these TokTiks?

Susana: TikToks!

Gretchen: Whatever.

Carol: There’s nothing we can do, just thought you’d like to know. Just in case people start calling you a witch to your face.

Lucinda: You mean like she did to me?

Carol: I feel like the best response to that is for me to ignore it.

Anthony: Good choice.

Carol: So, now that you know about these videos, we’re going to get out of here. See you tomorrow, Gretch!

Gretchen: Make sure you leave me a good parking space for my broom.

The next day, in Gretchen’s office…

Jeanne: Look, everybody! Rhiannon finally made it to work!

Hank: I thought she was the Wicked Witch of New England?

Jeanne: That works, too.

Gretchen: What are you doing in my office? Susana, what are they doing in my office?

Susana: As always, they forced themselves in.

Jeanne: That is a lie! Hank forced himself in, I just walked in behind him.

Hank: You always throw me under the bus.

Jeanne: That’s because you are a bad influence.

Gretchen: I’m not here for couples counseling, which is what you’re here for, based on what I’m seeing.

Jeanne: We are not! We’re just here to make fun of you.

Gretchen: Another productive morning at the Rhode Island state house, I guess.

Hank: Are you one to talk about productivity?

Gretchen: The only time I’m ever not working hard is when you bozos come to see me.

Jeanne: Bozos?

Gretchen: I said what I said.

Hank: I feel very disrespected right now. I think it’s time to leave.

Gretchen: You think? I want nothing more than for that exact thing to happen.

Hank: You’re getting your wish. I have work to do.

Jeanne: Have a nice day, Gretchen. Try not to boil any eye of newt while you’re on the job.

Hank: Happy season of the witch!

Hank and Jeanne leave.

Carol: What was that about?

Gretchen: Harassment. They exist solely to harass me.

Carol: We have bigger problems than them.

Gretchen: What a shocker. What’s going on now?

Carol: Susana?

Susana: The TikTok meme is spreading.

Gretchen: Spreading? Is it like an infection now or what?

Susana: It’s now become popular on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Gretchen: So now the soccer moms are also going to think I’m a witch and not just the teens. Wonderful.

Carol: We need to take advantage of this.

Gretchen: Take advantage? In what way?

Carol: I know this will sound crazy -

Gretchen: You don’t have to say it if it sounds crazy.

Carol: It’s Halloween.

Gretchen: i am aware of that.

Carol: We’re going to get you a TikTok account and make a joke post about the whole witch thing.

Gretchen: What? Why?

Carol: It can get you some positive media attention, show you’re a good sport about it and you’re in on the joke. That can help you get donations which can help you fend off this challenge from Samantha.

Susana: Plus, there’s no better way to kill a TikTok trend than for the butt of the joke to get in on it.

Gretchen: You think people will want to donate to a person that is a witch?

Carol: You’re not a witch!

Gretchen: I know I’m not a witch! Why are you telling me to say I’m a witch?!?

Susana: You wouldn’t be saying you’re a witch. Just post a fun video of you in a witch costume holding a broom. Something cute like that will get loads of views now that you’re a big TikTok star.

Carol: We have to strike while the iron is hot, though. People on TikTok have very short attention spans.

Susana: How would you know that, mother?

Carol: I TikTok.

Susana: What do you post?

Carol: I have fifteen followers who could tell you. I won’t, though. I will not be made fun of for being whimsical.

Susana: So, Gretchen. You in?

Gretchen: I guess I can do it.

Susana: Okay, I’m going to Party City to get a costume. What size do you want?

Gretchen: Never ask a woman what size clothes she wears!

Susana: I’ll just but every size.

Gretchen: No, I’ll just write it down.

Carol: Why would you need to write it down? Who are you afraid of hearing it?

Gretchen: You never know when someone is lurking!

Carol: No one is lurki-

Samantha: Wow, the cast of Hocus Pocus is looking rough!

Gretchen: Someone like her.

Samantha: Shut up.

Gretchen: So lovely to see you, lieutenant governor. Do you have anything to add, or are you just here to annoy me like Speaker Matthews and Leader Rivero?

Samantha: Just passing through, thought I’d pop in. It’s the season of the witch, after all.

Gretchen: Hank already used that joke.

Samantha: Damn him.

Gretchen: If you have nothing to add, then perhaps you can go so we can work?

Samantha: Geez, someone’s in a bad mood.

Gretchen: Go before I turn you into a frog!

Samantha: Just promise me one thing.

Gretchen: What is that?

Samantha: When you return to Halloweentown, take me with you.

Gretchen: I should slap you.

Samantha: Do you not appreciate my jokes, Elphaba?

Gretchen: Carol, can you escort her out?

Carol: On it?

Samantha: I’m gonna try defying gravity.

Gretchen: Yeah, great. Good for you.

Samantha: You’re sending me off into the woods1

Carol: Gretchen doesn’t do theater, these are lost on her.

Samantha: Tasteless, just what I’d expect from Stevie Nicks over there.

Gretchen: Jeanne made that joke.

Samantha: Damn them!

Susana: So, Gretchen. Ready to TikTok?

Gretchen: You still need to get my costume!

Susana: Crap, I forgot. Samantha really distracted me.

Gretchen: She’s the witch around here.

Samantha: I did dabble in witchcraft in college.

Gretchen: Are you kidding me?

Later that night…

Christina: Mom!

Gretchen: Yeeeeeeeeees?

Christina: I saw your TikTok.

Gretchen: People watched it?

Christina: Over two million views so far, actually.

Gretchen: Oh god…

Christina: It’s good! I think it might actually be beneficial.

Lucinda: You’re going to be called a witch forever.

Anthony: She’ll always be my favorite witch!

Lucinda: I didn’t get to see it, let me see it!

Christina pulls out her phone and plays the video.

Lucinda: What’s with the black dress? And the broom? You don’t need that to look like a witch?

Gretchen: Hey pot. Meet kettle

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