CBS Renew Cancel (9/21-10/17): Bull is Likely To Be Shoveled Off the CBS Schedule

 CBS has unveiled its fall schedule in full, and most of the scripted shows have made their debuts to surprisingly sturdy results.  So sturdy indeed predicting where CBS will cancel or end shows to make room for fresh helpings is difficult to predict.  The comedies have too many strong mentions, and dramas seem to have moderate success with franchising old shows.

Likely Cancellation

Bull -- A hit in earlier seasons, being relocated to Thursdays has proven disastrous.  Averaging a 0.335 rating, it is CBS' weakest drama despite holding a decent timeslot, losing a third of the lead-ins from the 9:30 sitcom slot (already soft at 0.46).  Unless ratings perk up, Bull is a Likely Cancellation as it performs the weakest among the dramas.

On The Bubble

B-Positive -- The tempo changed this season as the kidney transplant arc expired.  While its numbers are passable, a glaring factor is is holds another great lead-in with Ghosts.  October 14 saw Ghosts deliver an impressive 0.61 (similar to last season's performances by former hit Mom), and B-Positive only registered a 0.46.  Upcoming performances will be monitored because if B-Positive remains steady and demonstrates it has a built-in audience, it may receive an upgrade.

Magnum PI -- Like B-Positive, this series has a great lead-in with improving SWAT delivering between 0.42-0.50 averaging 0.450.  Magnum PI currently registers 0.397 with stable performances between 0.39-0.40.  The trouble lies in the fact it is the weakest show resting between two modest hits, perhaps demonstrating it may have issues.  A similar situation occurred a year ago with MacGyver which CBS axed after 5 seasons.  For now, the show remains On the Bubble.

CSI: Vegas -- While passable, CSI: Vegas has underwhelmed compared to other franchise spawn like FBI: International and NCIS: Hawaii.  Wednesdays have always been a stronger obstacle for CBS dramas, but given the brand it launched from, the bar should be higher.  Holding a 0.440 average and besting ABC's faltering A Million Little Things, CSI: Vegas could find a lucrative timeslot to see if their audience can grow.  Due to being a weaker entry on the radar, CSI: Vegas remains On the Bubble until more performance is demonstrated.

Likely Renewal

NCIS: Los Angeles
-- The 13th season opened strong behind The Equalizer, averaging 0.610 with two showings taking in 0.57-0.65 respectively.  Where NCIS: LA is not a Certain Renewal is it is aging, and older shows care costly productions.  For now, it remains a Likely Renewal.  Close monitoring will keep an eye out for schedule changes mid-season.  If the series gets shuttled to 10:00 again, it could be a warning sign CBS is looking to shake off old energy like it did with NCIS: New Orleans last season.

FBI: International -- The 3rd entry of FBI appeared to be another boiler plate entry of franchise spinoffs.  However, it has created magic not only holding down its timeslot, but in recent weeks is besting or matching fellow FBI spinoff Most Wanted on some evening, rating at 0.560 (ranging from 0.53-0.59).  It is a Likely Renewal which in upcoming weeks could cement its status for an upgrade.

NCIS: Hawaii -- Riding waves is fun, and NCIS: Hawaii does this off it's parent show's lead-in with a 0.478 average (with shows performing between 0.42-0.51).  This was apparent during the 10/11 episode when NCIS stuck a series low, NCIS: Hawaii crashed along with it.  Among the franchise spinoffs this season, NCIS: Hawaii has proven a stronger helping and a Likely Renewal, regularly winning its timeslot.

NCIS -- Making it to 19 seasons is an achievement few shows will likely enjoy.  Where NCIS fails to secure a "Certain Renewal" status is its age makes it costly to produce.  A move to Mondays away from its Tuesday 8:00 timeslot it cemented for 18 seasons coupled with Mark Harmon's exit damaged ratings which now rest at 0.650 (ranging between 0.73 to 0.56).  However, it stands as CBS' 3rd-highest scripted series and 3rd in its timeslot.

Blue Bloods -- Like NCIS, Blue Bloods is a tried and true veteran, aged 12 seasons.  While it performs solid and has retained much of its cast, aged series are subject to increasing production costs and contractual negotiations.  Its ratings remain strong as a Friday player at 0.427, often outrating lead-in Magnum PI.

-- Series are known to drop after second weeks on the air, but Ghosts impressed in the ratings, gaining 0.05 in its second week (that's an entire CW show's rating!).  While it is indeed a standout candidate for a Certain Renewal, it needs two more outings before this upgrade is awarded.

SWAT -- A troubled show in the prior season, SWAT has demonstrated a stellar comeback in its temporary Friday home leading the lineup.  Currently averaging 0.450 and besting Friday veteran Magnum PI, CBS may want to rethink relocating it mid-season as it found its steady niche on this night.

Certain Renewal

The Neighborhood -- How could anyone deny the success this 4th season sitcom has brought CBS Mondays?  Its 0.640 average consists of showings delivering 0.62-0.67, performing well above the average series and currently the 2nd highest sitcom only behind Young Sheldon.

Bob + Abishola -- Like the prior mention, this 3rd season sitcom has delivered CBS Mondays a sturdy dose of healthiness.  It always retains approximately 80% of its lead-in, currently averaging 0.542 with episodes delivering between 0.52-0.59.  It holds a built-in audience and is a lucrative piece to the CBS schedule.

FBI -- Too much attention to spinoffs leaves a chance of cancellation narrow to non-existent this season.  The parent of CBS' youngest franchises, FBI has colonized Tuesdays with a 0.673 average, consisting of episodes delivering between 0.59-0.72.  Despite a sharp drop in its 3rd outing, the series has proven it is a Certain Renewal due to age and interest in the future.

FBI: Most Wanted -- Its ratings have taken a drop in it outings, but International holds an average of 0.585 with entries rating between 0.52-0.66.  And once again, interest in CBS' newest franchise is too strong to discard FBI: Most Wanted, making it a Certain Renewal.

The Equalizer -- Likely benefiting from NFL Overrun, last season's Superbowl-launched series is showing few to no signs of slowing down, averaging 0.755 with its two entries delivering 0.77 and 0.74, respectively.  CBS has struck paydirt with difficult Sunday scheduling, earning Equalizer a Certain renewal.

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