Predict the APB Series Premiere and 24: Legacy and Superior Donuts Monday Premiere Ratings

Tonight will see the series premiere of APB, along with the Monday premieres of 24: Legacy and Superior Donuts. Two of those series will air on Fox, replacing the Gotham/Lucifer combo. Superior Donuts will assume the 9 PM slot on CBS. Do you think they will they premiere well or will they disappoint?

24: Legacy, 9 PM on Fox
The first of tonight's premieres is 24: Legacy, a show that received the post-Super Bowl LI spot. We don't have the Super Bowl numbers just yet, but we do know that they're certainly higher than anything it'll pull on Mondays. The show is a spinoff of the successful 24 series that aired from the early 2000s to the early 2010s. Will the new series be able to replicate that success? Update: Legacy pulled a 6.1 in its post-LI debut.

APB, 9 PM on Fox
The second premiere of the night is APB, a police procedural series. The series will likely be assisted be a larger than average lead-in, but that never guarantees success. Will it be able to match the performance of previous time slot occupant, Lucifer, or will it flounder?

Superior Donuts, 9 PM on CBS

Superior Donuts will also be making its Monday debut tonight. It received a healthy 1.9 premiere behind a large Big Bang Theory lead-in. Tonight, with an okay-but-nothing-fantastic Man With a Plan lead-in, is the true test. It moves into the 9 PM slot, replacing 2 Broke Girls, which in turn will replace the Odd Couple. How do you think it will premiere tonight?

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