Jane the Virgin S3E4 Review

After last week's big change in Jane's life, Jane the Virgin and Michael are now settling into their house, but face issues.

S3E4" Chapter Forty-Eight"

At the start of the episode, we see how Jane has never lived away from her mom and grandmother, so they feel lonely without her. Xo gets a job at a bank, and it is hilarious how her expectations don't match up with reality. Xo hilariously tries to hide the fact that she quit her job from Alba, but of course it didn't work out.

Jane talks to Anezka who is pretending to be Petra, and it is funny how she tries to figure out what happened in the conversation Jane had with Petra. Jane and Anezka's second conversation is even better, where it is even more difficult for her to pretend. It is very entertaining when Anezka and Scott go Jane and Michael's for dinner, as Scott has specific requests.

Jane is betrayed by Lina when she takes the money instead of going on with the walk-out. Jane and Anezka end up in a fight in the pool, which I found to be a bit too ridiculous. Jane and Lina finally have a great moment, and Jane and Michael talk about moving into a smaller house. At the end of the episode, Jane realizes Anezka isn't Petra, and I am so glad that this story is finally getting into motion.

Rogelio has to set up a woman who could get him a job with Rafael, and Rogelio's reaction to the woman thinking Rafael is more attractive than he is is great, and then Rogelio and Rafael's scene in the elevator is very funny. Rogelio stays with Luisa, which is sure to be interesting, and I loved his line about having played an alcoholic. Rogelio attempts to help Luisa, which doesn't seem to be working out well, but then actually does, and it is a great moment for Luisa.

Aside from the pool fight, I loved this episode. I really enjoyed Anezka pretending to be Petra, which finally got more complicated this week, and the Rogelio and Luisa parts.

Score: 9.5/10

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