FOX Renew/Cancel Watch: A 0.6 Likely Won't Cut It For The Exorcist (UPDATED)

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Why Is The Exorcist A Likely Cancelation?
The Exorcist had a modest premiere on a Friday night for FOX, starting at a 1.0. However, the post-premiere drop was ugly, all the way down to a 0.6. Now, FOX isn't asking much for this show in terms of ad revenue so it's not like all the advertisers are mad, but it's also not the type of ratings you renew. Looks like another revival/remake may be down.

Why Is Pitch Likely A Likely Renewal?
Pitch disappointed on its Thursday opener at just a 1.1 A18-49 rating, and it didn't get quite the W18-34 skew that I had expected. Maybe I expected too much because a 0.9 all things considered really isn't bad and beats Scream Queens. However, it held rather well in week 2 and is still growing out of Rosewood, which is a positive sign. It's also a gainer in DVR that separates it even more from Rosewood, and even though it's the second-lowest-rated show on Thursday nights right now, it's so far a ratings improvement over Sleepy Hollow and not too far off from what Bones was doing last season.

Why Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine A Certain Renewal?
This is a risky one, but after learning that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a syndication deal with TBS for its first 5 seasons, contingent on a Season 5 renewal, there's every reason to believe NBC Universal will try to get a fifth season of it. Even if it isn't on FOX, TBS could air first-run episodes a la Cougar Town, or they could potentially strike a Hulu deal as well (or a simultaneous TBS and Hulu deal). Even if FOX doesn't want it, the money is too lucrative for NBC and probably also TBS. Its renewal chances are probably greater now than ever; I originally had it in the 'Watching' column solely because FOX doesn't own it, but I foresee NBC Universal fighting for this one to get a 5th season, somewhere, somehow.

What do you think of my predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

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