Predict the Ratings for The Goldbergs and The Real O'Neals

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The Goldbergs
The Goldbergs is airing at a special time: Wednesday at 8, meaning that for the first time in its three-season run it will have to self-start. ABC is definitely hoping that the fact it's a Dirty Dancing tribute that was advertised during The Oscars will give it the ratings it needs to survive there and launch The Real O'Neals. So, how will it do? Personally, I think lower viewing levels + Oscar promotion = same-ish ratings. I don't expect a big bump this season like last season since there's no Charlie Sheen, but the Oscar promotion will probably allow it to gain back the tenth or two it would have lost if aired at 8pm without its Middle lead-in.

The Real O'Neals
After The Goldbergs, ABC premieres new sitcom The Real O'Neals, about a "seemingly perfect Irish-Catholic family" who reveals all their secrets. The parents are getting a divorce, the mom is basically the Beverly Goldberg of her religion, one of the sons is gay, the other is anorexic, and the
daughter is an atheist. Reviews for the show so far have seemingly been OK, although it has been panned for making jokes about anorexia and the values of executive producer Dan Savage. This show does not make the air without controversy, but will pure interest outweigh that? To put things into context, Fresh Off The Boat premiered to a 2.5 at 8:30 and a 2.3 at 9:30 when it had its premiere in the same position 13 short months ago. Boat was also arguably a higher-profile premiere though, being the first broadcast show in decades to feature an Asian-American family.

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